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(Phaeris) Looking for guild/friends

By SotonG - MEMBER - September 11, 2017, 08:55:47

Hi, my friend and I are looking for friends/guild to level with and dungeon together. As we are new to this game, we hope to learn more about it as the wiki is quite outdated. We are a group of 3. Level around 50 currently. Thanks!

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Why would you choose Phaeris as your first server?


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Its because we live in asia. The pings are better on this server for us.

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Merging soon anyway so it doesnt really matter about picking servers.

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Nub <3 is badly right (edit: welp wrong acc, Cali here btw smile)
Beside... I'm North American, been playing on Phaeris for years and I never had issues with the game... so the ping issue is kinda overrated in wakfu, most of the issues are cause of JAVA.

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Have you tried playing in the other server? Idk how good your connection is, but if there aren't any major problem then i'd suggest playing in a more populated server like remington. More people have been migrating from phaeris to remington + pharis is more of a ghost town nowadays. There aren't any news yet about server merge so i wouldn't count on it coming anytime soon. 

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