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[K]Lover - blessing without pray

By allso November 24, 2015, 02:12:29

We live like the leafs.
We meet by the breeze.

We stick by the fate.
So, enjoy memories.

[blockquote]Are good moments more precious than kamas or social status?
Don't tough life out there bring enough stress to you?
If you are up to the real wealth or to be famous,
you aren't surfing or reading these..
Gaming is for fun, not for more pressure, isn't it?
When life's taken easy, don't take game seriously.
[blockquote]Don't expect, don't swear, don't promise,
what will be, will be gently.
Dont be sorry, don't worry, don't plan much,
good lucks only come when you're optimized.
We live like the leafs.
We meet by the breeze.

Hope to be friend with all the guilds we see.

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