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By Sakuchi002 - MEMBER - September 29, 2015, 12:41:57

:tap:Who is Rebirth?:tap:

Rebirth is an english speaking only international guild, We are currently reviving our guild back to full life, We have our own website that can be found HERE, Please feel free to take a read and see is our guild is for you. We are more then happy for you to have 1 main and 2 alts in the guild so you can Hero away!!
Do note we are a Sufokian Aligned guild so if you have hero's or want to PVP they all need to be Sufokian but that being said if you need help with the Kamas to move over we can perhaps help you out a little to join our merry guild of Rebirth

earthWhat are the members like?

We have members from all over the world who enjoy making friends, talking about in and out of game things, running guild group dungeons and just hanging out chatting with everyone. We have friends in other guilds who we also like to spend time with and we love getting to know as many people as we can. All members are happy people who like to help each other out with tasks or dungeons.

fireYes we have a Haven World!

We have a Haven World located in Amakna in the Goballfields. Our haven world is now fully completed only just upgrading a house here or there. So this means we have all the bonus building! Along with areas for every profession you could ever want to lvl.

waterWhat Can We Offer You?
  • Fully Completed Guild Buffs
  • A Fully completed Haven World (all buildings finished).
  • Members who will try to help you as much as they can in game.
  • Guild Meetings
  • Guild Baker Bread/Food Allowance ( guild baker supplies weekly bread/food allowance to all members depending your rank).
  • Guild Events
  • Guild Discord & Skype chat so you can chat to all the members.
  • Fully functional Guild Website packed full of information and news..
  • Ranking System that allows you to grow no matter what you want to be.
  • & so much more...

earthHow can you join?

To join simply head over to our website HERE and read our rules and regulations and take a look around, if you like what you see and want to become a members simply contact one of the following people below.

:tap:Guild Leader: Sakuchi

:tap:Officers: Ryo Riot, Slyteris, The Rani, Jinreal, Nimloth, Lotusa

We hope you consider our guild and have good luck in your guild hunting!


Sakuchi x
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Now with 33% more Costume Museums!

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Sleeee|2016-01-05 12:25:48
Now with 33% more Costume Museums!

Needs more....needs ALL THE COSTUMES!!!!
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And also with a brand new updated Haven World photo, I see! happy
For a larger look, click this Imgur mirror laugh 

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