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[International] Butts

By mics5 April 20, 2015, 11:37:56
[International] BUTTS

We are an International Guild In Phaeris. We accommodate and welcome new to veteran players of wakfu in our guild. We appreciate friendly, loyal and helpful command-rates.


Guild Level: 10
Alignment: Brakmar
Haven World Location: Amakna

Haven World :
1. Guild Hall Level 3
2. Zaap
3. Phoenix
4. Rotcere Bazaar
5. Straw House x 5
6. Rotoworks Lvl.2
7. Laboratory Lvl. 2 (75% Planting Success rate)
8. Farm Fields (x7)
9. Large Tree Field Area and Herb Area
10. Fully Expanded

Guild Buffs
+20 Dodge
+10 Wisdom
+10 Prospecting
+55 HP
+ 20 Resist to all elements
+ 20 Damage to all elements
+ 20 Lock
+ 10 Crafting XP
+ 3 Kit Skill
+ 10 Initiative

About the Guild:

*No Harassing, bullying, discriminating or scamming guild members. We want to have a fun and close friendship to Guild-mates.
*Excessive usage of offensive languages are not allowed.
*We don't Promote Begging and Power-leveling but some of us gives boost once in a while.
*We guide the new players to where and how to play the game.
* +40 Prospecting and Wisdom Bonus when many Guild members are online or when the officers decided to give it anyways.
*Contributions to the Guild is Highly appreciated in order for our Guild to grow.
*Guild Improvements will be approved by Rockne or Jeanthemighty
*Crafters are Welcome in our guild.

For applications:

Contact: Jeanthemighty , Rockne, Ezickel Cield, Naofumi Iwatani and Stoneblade. you can also contact any Butts member to join us.

Or leave your details here:

In game name (IGN):
Purpose of Joining:

*Guild Projects, Improvements and Events will be posted in this thread.
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