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[International] Legions Of Chaos - We are recruiting New Members & also Provide Crafting Services

By xKillerkinx - MEMBER - April 17, 2015, 17:31:41
Last Updated On: 5 June 2015

Hello everyone !!

  • We are 1 year 2 Months old Level 10 Guild. We are open to recruitment of Active & Friendly individual members. Anyone interested to join us may post their IGN below for invitation or PM any of our members in the game:
  • Pranav, xkillerkinx, Asterid, Aetasnot, Maokakina, Peashooter, Ansel Alisanne, Moodlight, Aiyanna, Disco Pig, Miss Pebbles, Gonwafu.
  • We also would like to invite small guilds with active members to join/merge with us too ! So that more people will have more fun and adventure in the game.
  • We are open to provide crafting services to anyone. If need help in using our crafting services may post a request reply below.

Note: Level is not a problem, your activeness, commitment & right attitude are more important.
We believe everyone has potential to do something good. Newbies are welcome too !

Below are our Guild Information.

Legions of Chaos Guild Info:
Founded Date: 10 April 2014 by RaneLone

Total Number of Guild Members: [195/200]
Average Level of Members: 96
Current Guild Points : 467159
Guild Points Limit: 9000
Guild Level: 10
Ranked: 17 by Guild Points

Haven World: Bonta - Kara, Windy Village
Guild Alignment: Bonta
Members Most Active Timing: Server Time GMT +6 to GMT +10

Language: English

Note: Please be aware that we are primarily an English speaking guild and it is advisable that you are able to communicate or understand English.

1. Guild Ethics & Goals:

  • "Legions of Chaos" is an International Guild, created for the sake of having fun together. We believe in building a community for everyone to enjoy.
  • We welcome all players be a part of us.We are an International Guild as we have players from all over the world. Therefore be friendly and help when available.
  • Create an enjoyable community to help everyone in the guild in varies aspect of Quest, Group Leveling, Crafting, Hunting Boss or Items, Profession Harvesting etc.
  • No discrimination of Character Levels or Race within the guild. Do feel free to ask for invite to guild from members with ranked [Senior Members] and above.

Most importantly: Your Dedication Matters the Most. Great personality & value contributed by individuals are highly appreciated.

2. Guild Members Rank:

  • [New Member] - Will be promoted to [Member] after 1 week. Has no Guild Function rights.
  • [Member] - It only has rights to take items from Guild Storage 1.
  • [Senior Member] - To be promoted to will be determined by Character Level, Guild Points Contribution & other contributions. It has rights to take items from Guild Storage 1 & 2, Invite New Members.
  • [Guild Advisor] - Miss Pebbles, Aiyanna, Afeara,
  • [Guild Councillor] - Chaosprince, RaneLone, Disco Pig, Gonwafu, Mortixia, Moodlight, xkillerkinx, Asterid, Aetasnot
  • [Guild Leader] - Pranav

3. Guild Member Activeness:

  • Will be determined by Guild Points Contribution & Character Level.Other contribution also include: Crafting contribution, Group Leveling to help guild members etc.
  • Inactives will be kicked once every 3 weeks, it is tracked by Level and Guild Points Contribution per player using our excel sheet tracking list every 3 weeks.

4. Guild Storage: [160 Item Slots]

  • Purpose is to donate items you do not need to the guild to help other guild mates who needs the items. It also helps to clear your own storage space.
  • Free breads & Equips will be provided in the storage. It will be top up regularly.
  • DO NOTs: Take ALL or More than you need items from storage, else will be punished & demoted to rank [New Member] OR expel out. Reason: Greediness
  • Give access to everyone except new member who joined for less than 1 week.New members can request to take items from storage from those Rank [Member] and above.

5. Guild Permanent Bonus:

  • Haven World - Straw House With 15 Storage Slots
  • Haven World - Laboratory Level 2 - 75% Planting Chance
  • Haven World - Stabiliser - Allow to buy bombs for destroy creeps in Haven World.
  • Haven World - 7 Farm Fields
  • Haven World - 3 Tree Fields
  • Haven World - Kama Minter
  • Guild Chest Compartment With 160 Slots
  • Guild Pet - Croum
  • Standard Guild Emote
  • Costume 1 - Presplak
  • Costume 2 - Chaferion
  • Costume 3 - Draconic
  • Costume 4 - Samoussai
  • Increase Guild Points Won by 10%.
  • Allows you to learn 2 things at once.
  • Reduce Learning Time by 10%
  • +1500 to the maximum limit of guild points earned per week.
  • +55 HP
  • +20 Lock
  • +20 Dodge
  • +10 Initiative
  • +20% Earth Damage
  • +20% Earth Resist
  • +20% Water Damage
  • +20% Water Resist
  • +20% Air Damage
  • +20% Air Resist
  • +20% Fire Damage
  • +20% Fire Resist
  • +10 Prospecting
  • +10 Wisdom
  • +10% Crafting XP
  • +2 Kit Skill

6. Profession Services Name list:

Highest Level Professions:

Chef: (Moodlight-100)
Baker: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100), (Aetasnot-100), (Disco Pig-79)
Leather Dealer: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100)
Handyman: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100), (Disco Pig-100), (Peashooter-100)
Armorer: (Moodlight - 100)
Tailor: (Moodlight-100)
Jeweler: (Moodlight-100)
Close-Combat Weapon: (Moodlight-100)
Long-Distance Weapon: (Moodlight-100), (Disco Pig-100)
Area of Effect Weapon: (Moodlight-100)

Herbalist: (Moodlight-100) , (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100)
Lumberjack: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100), (Aetasnot-100), (Amanoichi-100)
Farmer: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100), (Aetasnot-100), (Disco Pig-90)
Miner: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100)
Fisherman: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100)
Trapper: (Moodlight-100), (xkillerkinx-100), (Asterid-100), (Aetasnot-100),(Peashooter-100), (Fongifong-100), (Disco Pig-100)
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Reactions 9
Score : 541

Hiya kinkin! Giving a free bump. laugh *waveswaves*

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Score : 151

It's rarely someone posted a Crafting Guild! Kudos for you and your guild!

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Score : 45
Xephyrina|2015-04-17 19:56:32
Hiya kinkin! Giving a free bump. laugh *waveswaves*
Thank you Xephy and Welcome all !! laugh 
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Score : 592
Can you recruit me? My in game name is Fruity Booty and my level is 89
Never mind I joined already
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Score : 2

I want to join also. Just back for a long break and want to a new star.
Nick : Rowland, class : sram

0 0
Score : 292
chocoles|2015-05-22 08:22:49
I want to join also. Just back for a long break and want to a new star.
Nick : Rowland, class : sram
Invite Sent and accepted. Glad to have you amongst us.
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Score : 2

Is it possible for me to join this guild? I've just currently started playing it and currently getting the hang of it. It'd be nice to have some guidance. biggrin

IGN: Muir
Class: Sacrier

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Score : 2

If the guild is still active, sign me up!

IGN : Warpenvoid / Class : Xelor

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Score : 292
salmonage|2015-09-06 13:53:30
If the guild is still active, sign me up!

IGN : Warpenvoid / Class : Xelor
Hello :3 Still active. Been trying to add you but you aren't online.

When you come online, gimme a shout out at "Pranav"

Eagerly waiting to have you amongst us.
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