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By Mosky77 - MEMBER - April 14, 2015, 20:54:24

we are a international social guild, a little family!!

lvl 10 guild nation bonta
guild passive buffs all unlock
our hw is in op bonta

recruits active players and all lvl are welcome

requirements: do guild points and speak english in guild chat

all members can invite to join in our guild!

or whisper Moskino in game!

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Just wanted to UP that post .

Incarnati is a lv 10 bonta guild , our HQ is situated near the Bonta Outpost. Just for information we have nearly unlocked all buffs.

We're a little guild composed of only 3 people biggrin ( Moskino, Cispa and Godot) , and we want to change that because ... well it's boring to play an MMO alone , don't you agree?

So on purpose i'm inviting everyone who want to join the guild , you dont have to worry about nothing , your class and level don't matter everyone can join .
If you want to power level up your character we can help you , if you don't want we can anyway make another character to play with you.

So if i have convinced you , feel free to send a whisper to Moskino , Cispa or Godot , so that we can guild you .

Have a nice day and see you in game , vice-master Cispa.
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recruit reopen for all lvl and nation side!

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Would love to get an invite. IGN Nexola

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Go Moski!!! Rooting for your guild!!! smile Cattaleya here.

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incarnati guild try reborn how the phenix smile

at moment are few players active^^

we need other friends for play funny time!!

market incoming in the our little hw ( bonta op )

recruits are open for all lvl and nations

required is only do guild quests for increase our rank!! ( we help lvling who help the guild )

contact in game: moskino, nexola, king mida, skulette or ferment jojo

we want u!!

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