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1 vs 1 Ranked PvP Challenge Series #002

By Reg3e - MEMBER - January 04, 2017, 12:27:19
Greetings all,

This will be the second 1vs1 Ranked PvP Challenge Series of many to come.

With the introduction to Build Manager, I look forward to more PvP Builds with potentials, possibly some mindplay seeing how easy it is to switch builds.

(~ ` v ` )~

[Note, this is not a sponsored event, every Kama comes out from my own pocket]

A way to test my Limit as a 1vs1 PvP Enthusiast. Also to motivate players for more flagged PvP on the side.

Description: Hi, I’m Reg, a Level.200 Xelor from Bonta.

· There will be no entrance fee.

· Any Level are welcome to try.

· There will be no class restrictions.

· Food/Almanax Buff are permitted.

· As this is a flagged PvP, to challenge me, you need to be an enemy of Bonta, let it be Riktus or any nation based on latest politics. For those from Bonta / Allied Nation, it is still possible to challenge me, but you'll have to initiate the fight. Challenge may be sent to me any time whenever I'm online & available.

· Each Character are only allowed to win once, in the case where you lost, you’re welcome to try again.

· Each Chapter of the Series will end under 2 condition.

o First 10 character who successfully defeated me in 1vs1 Match.

§ This allows me to review my build in respect to current Meta.

o New Content Update.

§ Pretty obvious imo.

Location: Clean 15x15 cell box located at Supernova Haven World.

Rewards: 100kk will be awarded to the first 10 winner each series.

Best of luck!
- Reg

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wow XD come all guys lets support this event XD XD

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ohmy Reg
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