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The proof of Asia server

By Herex - MEMBER - December 18, 2016, 09:29:52

So, they have remove the only one item as memory of APAC once from Asia community site? The Kelbab which used to be a reward from participate in several GM weekly event. How bad even why they want erase the sweet memories :/

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Its just a virtual item in the game... They didn't erase your memory

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i miss the weekly gm even sad i got 61 kelbab in bag

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what is kelbab?

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im new sorry

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SplingSplingSpling|2017-08-15 18:44:11
It's not relevant anymore.

Back when the asian server was well populated, the CMs here held weekly events, where you could win Kelbab. An item you could trade in for goodies by directly trading the CM.
Now there are no more weekly events, and nothing server-specific anymore. There are those boss-smashers and multiple-server-wide things, but nothing done by CMs anymore. Last one, where Flatops/Sabi held a "find me, first one wins a price"-event was a year ago.

I think it was "Jack the Black" that held it. He also did some fanfiction. Fantastic fellow!

Here is a video:
He let a specific amount of people into his HB, then did some minigames.

I gonna miss that kind of good interactive between player v player and player v CM~
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