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Old archboss weekend pooling

By A-Tantarian - MEMBER - April 23, 2016, 00:17:11

The old archbosses have gone f2p, koko riko and gengas kin.
The idea is basically to find people interested and divide the cost of opening and open every weekend at a set time.

Next proposed run is on server time June 5, 00:01 am (we start with gengas and after do riko). Hopefully we can keep same time/day on each subsequent weekend.
We meet at the platform with the altar for Gengas, try to be there a bit early so we can sort any troubles or parties.

For any questions contact me ingame, nick is Tantarian. You can also contact Caliintz to see if he can reach me if I'm not online.

List of people, parties, mat gathering division, etc, is listed in the following document (check tabs):

Click here
( you can also leave comments on the doc if you need me to change anything)

If you want to join post the following info.
Main character name
Professions you can help with
If you need a party or will find/bring your own
In case you need a party, how many chars you would bring, and maybe class/etc of them

I will then contact you ingame to confirm what resource you must bring and such. Each person is expected to bring the mats and put them at the given date, no premature collection will be done or such. However I'll make sure we have a backup stash just in case someone fails us. The drop items (barks and staffs), being the most annoying to solo farm, are expected to be contributed by everyone in equal parts.

Information about the bosses for those who haven't played them:

We gather at the platform and put the mats in the altar, then the boss is available to the entire server for one hour.

You fight the boss +1 mob for each party member. You have 1 hour to start the fight (one member of the party talks to the npc to start the fight). If you start the fight before the hour passes you can still finish it even if the hour elapses. You only get drops once per character per archmob opening, sidekicks don't get drops.

Koko Rico (suggested party size is 3+):
Kill mobs first. Lock boss on a corner (or otherwise ignore the boss dmg), play minesweeper.
Using a skill on a cell flags it as a mine, you or summons can walk on all cells that are not mines or were flagged as mines correctly. If you walk on a cell that is a mine (unmakerd), you die (and may kill others even), but battle continues. You also die if you cast a skill on an empty cell that isn't a mine. The white cells and numbered cells are safe to walk on and cast skills on.
When all bomb cells are marked, you can kill the boss and win.
Video: Click here

Gengas Kin (suggested party size is 5+):
Kill mobs first. Boss starts playing tick tack toe by himself on up to 3 3x3 areas. You need one of the games to end in a tie, and you can stop the boss from putting an X or O on a tile by placing a player character on it. Summons don't count. If the boss gets 3Xs or 3Os in line, you lose. After one board ties you can kill the boss and win. Note that on any given turn the boss puts the same symbol on all boards.
Also a note on anyone trying to learn, if you spectate a gengas fight all marks already present will looks like Xs because BUGS, so spectating may be confusing.
Video: Click here 

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Trying to enter my information but seems like i cant type anything.

Never mind i did not read it correctly haha.

IGN: Sakuchi
Can get any materials needed.
I can bring a party but i usually go with guild members and Dranathilus
Our guild is happy to get any of the materials needed.

People in guild who are also interested are:
The Rani
Ryo Riot

Possibly a few more i will confirm on.

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IGN - Splingush
Professions - All
Party - Usually triple-acc (feca, osa, xelor, ~190-192) and play with guildies, but not entirely sure yet.

I actually started preparing for archbosses, and got the following materials in full quantity already (will edit when progress):
- Kokonut Wood
- Bitter Maniok
- Day Lily
- Kannibal Hair
- Palm
- Knemo
- Tropikoko Leaf

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Because of Ankama's support team, Tantarian wont be able to host anymore events in the future. This weekend was the last.

If someone else have time and is willing to take over, that would be super nice. Don't underestimate the energy required tho, hosting the event means :

• Being available almost every Sunday 00:01 am server time. (find someone if u can't be there a specific weekend)

• Keeping track of who is bringing what, assign mat to players (spreadsheet addict is a plus)
• Find a backup to gather specific mats if someone can't a weekend.
• Permanently have backup of every mats in your inventory/vault as a plan C.

• Being nice to people, and help players to find a party if they dont already have (aka making sure everyone is ready before activating archboss)

Read OP for more infos.

Thank you guys for your support and making these runs easier for everyone.
Thank you Tant for this initiative and all the hard work, if you reading this.
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I miss you already Tant!!! Thanks for everything!!!

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Hmm i can host the event. But not sure i can permantly do it because i have life outside. Anyway if anyone can help for the event please contact me in game. My in game name is - Fée de la Mort. Also the schedule will change to 10 PM server time on Saturday (if i'm not busy in midweek or Sunday (if I'm busy in midweek).
See you later in game

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