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[Closed Temporary] Koko Rico Run

By Dranathilusia - MEMBER - January 27, 2016, 19:17:14

Greetings Phaeris,

Garuda Guild proudly present, Koko Rico opening for Phaeris server in order to create harmonism between us all Phaerisians. i will provide all materials needed to summon Koko Rico. More detail information check below.

  • Date :tba
  • Time : tba
  • Entry Fee : tba
  • Recommended Level : 175 - 200
  • [*]Recommended Party Size : 3 - 6 Players. All participant is expected to standby on Koko Rico's platform 15 minutes earlier in order to collect the entry fee so we can start on time. You can offer trade to any Garuda's member on the spot in order to pay fee. We will make sure to note your name after paying.

    TIPS :
    1. Make sure you have your own party before participating, so you won't waste time finding party when the event started.
    2. Having more than 1 character is recommended so you can maximize the loot by doing more runs using alt.
    3. Make sure 1 or 2 of your teammate understand Minesweeper game.
    4. Make sure to bring Locker, in order to lock boss in the corner.

    Q&A :
    Q: Why 3 players as minimum recommended party size?
    A: The mobs number will adjusted with the number of your party and sometimes with only 3 players the game will finish faster (depends on how fast you move) so you can continue the run using alt.

    Q: What's the mob level?
    A: Their level will be random numbers between 175 to 185

    Q: Why 35k kamas?
    A: Basically, the fee is based on 250 materials price (25k) and 10k for gathering services.

    Okay that's all folks, I await your participation.

    Thanks to all the guild participating! The crowd is real!
    - Legion of Chaos
    - House of Cards
    - Music-Up
    - Grey Memory
    - Blue icon guild
    - Avhixox
    - Brotherhood of Tofu
    - Supernova
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