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Doubts about Sidekicks

By genialix#2769 - MEMBER - March 12, 2023, 06:28:13
Right now I'm only using the Astrub Knight as I'm free2playingRn.
Whats like the strat when it comes to sidekicks? I read somewhere that giving them equipment is actually detrimental as they upgrade their equipment on their own or something like that, is it true? what is the best way to make a puny little Astrub Knight shine.

Some tips and tricks about how to obtain sidekicks and how to use them would be appreciated as well.
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Since no one answered... regarding their equipment: Have you ever modulated yourself to a lower level using the automatic build feature? If so you might already know that the game equips you with a Emblem that gives stats.
The same thing happens to sidekicks if they are equipped with nothing: they automatically get stats worthy of equipment from the nearest level group going down (there will be nothing in their equipment screen, but you can see the bonus stats on the characteristics screen).
e.g. if your sidekick is level 22 and naked, they will gain status worth a level 20 equipment set.
So yes, giving equipment to them is detrimental in most contexts.
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Hello! Fellow Sidekick enjoyer

As you've heard, yes, most of the time it is better to not equip them with any item, this is because when Sidekicks are empty their stats are automatically adjusted according to their level which allows you to use them right off the bat without any investment. Many new players put stuff they find on them without realizing their are actually making them weaker if they dont know what they are doing. Of course, you can try further customizing them to your liking and improve their capabilities, but honestly their stats are pretty solid already. Personally, I always use them naked

I think when it comes to Sidekicks the strat is using them as Supports/Tanks rather than for damage. The thing is, a class will always deal more damage than Sidekicks since they don't have a very flexible arsenal and lack the passives to back their spells up as a class would. On the other hand, as Supports, they can perform incredibly well depending on the situation since heals dont carr about elemental resistances and buffs/armor have fixed values which don't rely on any sort of mastery.

Here is a quick explanation on some of the most useful sidekicks right now:

  • Drop Knight: Best Sidekick in the game. Straight up. Good heals, a bunch of buffs and debuffs, customizable elements, small positioning capabilities and a cool animations
  • Krosmoglob: Support/Damage hybrid. Same as Drop Knight, Krosmo has solid heals and can crit very often. It can switch modes in the middle of a battle to turn it's spells into damage which can hit pretty hard.
  • Hyppolyre: Awesome Damage buffer being able to give a sweet 52% DI to a single ally or you can spread smaller dmg buffs to multiple allies. His main gimmick are his melodies which allows him to replicate heals and increase the values of the buffs applied to someone (augment armor for example). Can transposition targets too.
  • Cloud Knight: very good AP buffer, has some positioning capabilities, long distance debuffs and damage which increases the furtherthe enemy is (cloud short iirc)

  • Protoflex: amazing tank that can reach colossal resistances. Can redirect dmg to itself through Sacrifice, generate shield, greatly debuff an enemy's dmg and resistances, a passive AP buff to nearby allies and has a neat teleport combo which makes it very nimble.
  • Trank: great HP, lock, can redirect dmg to himself, nice sustain (hp steal), can keep enemies in place through MP removals amd can pull enemies.
  • Treacherose: Damage/Tank hybrid. This parricular Sidekick can either act as a Damager or an unkillable tank when used correctly. It's main gimmick Sap which allows her to fully absorb any hit taken lile nothing ever happened, she could be slapped by Ogrest and she will just shrug it off.

Honorable mentions
  • Skale: interesting buffs a long distance dmg. It's main problem is how limited his actions are during the turn resulting in a bunch unused AP. Mediocre dmg tho
  • Lumino: good heals and revive. Solid option for new players. It is also included in the Starter Pack at the Store among other cool stuff. It's main issue is the lack of support spells variety, he can only heal and that's it.

The rest are very lacking and dont perform as well as the rest.

If you are looking for new SKs:
  • Prioritize Drop Knight since its the best of them, it is very new-player friendly and will accompany you for many levels even closer to end-game content. Alternative: Krosmoglob
  • If you need a Tank pick either Proto or Trank, both are good options but I preffer Protoflex because of it's extra support and debuffing capabilities.

Also, as a f2p player you get access to 3 Sidekicks:
  • Astrub Knight: Damage. His stats and dmg are pretty solid at level 60 and below thanks to his passives which gives him extra elemental mastery. I honestly don't know HOW but I've seen players using him in content 186+ hitting like a truck. Maybe their overgeared him? Idk, but interesting
  • At level 156, by completing a Story quest you can pick either:
                   ● Chad: Earth damager. Not so nimble but can get some extra effects when attacking an enemy from the back.
                   ● Pandora: Healer. Same ratios as Lumino but not as strong iirc. 

*you can unlock both if you do the quest on another character and pick the one you are missing if I'm not mistaken

Enjoy and have fun!
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I cannot in good faith recommend Treacherose as a proper tank because she lacks a crucial trait for tanking: Lock increasing skills.

Without Lock, mobs will just run right past Treacherose, which is why she's more of a DPS with a very thick healthbar. Newbies who plop her in front of enemies will be in for a rude awakening once they realize she has very limited capacity to keep enemies away from them and onto herself. 

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There is just one good sidekick and that is Pandora, the rest is pretty much garbage. (imo, also dont pay money for sidekicks just get subs instead and play with 3 heroes)
Bluhen#6777|2023-03-14 20:57:42
*you can unlock both if you do the quest on another character and pick the one you are missing if I'm not mistaken

This only applies for now, but I've heard for a while now talks about the Quests, professions etc. being linked together so you wouldnt have to re-complete every quest on other characters again if you make them. This would mean that the quest which gives the choise of the two Sidekicks, you can only get one. IF they do that, if not then you most likely can get them both.
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Some sidekicks are bought on the market as people sell them from time to time. If you work your kamas up, you can nab a few of them if you wish. 

Sidekicks worth obtaining:
Drop Knight Buffer-Healer
Trank Tank-Limited Positioner
Protoflex Positioner-Tank
Treacherose Bruiser-DPS-Limited Positioner
Lumino Healer-Reviver-Limited Positioner
Shadow DPS

Sidekicks you get for free:
Asturb Knight
Pandora or Chad (or both if you run the same quest on different characters and claim each one)

Personal choice
Lumino as my Healer and pretty much the only useful Sidekick with a pocket Revive. 
Flame Knight as my SemiTank Berserk DPS. 


Gear is important when reaching certain level thresholds, especially for high level sidekicks who are tackling at-level content. A Level 170 Sidekick for example will benefit way more from level 170 gear than using auto-build because the stat spread for auto-build is very very poor and often wastes alot of stats and offers very low resistances, which is crucial to survival in later levels. 
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