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Some Issues With Drop Knight and Hippolyre

By Cyow#2459 - MEMBER - April 10, 2022, 09:11:33

There're some issues with sidekicks and I would like to know if any other of you also encountered. Some of the issues really trouble a lot. sad

For Hippolyre, the ratio between Hippolyre's reaction damage and character's damage sometimes went relatively low or even zero. This usually happened when character's damage was over around 20 thousands.

For Drop Knight, when switching to a different second mastery in fight, the states were sometimes not applied and can not apply any second mastery state in the rest of the fight which made him half-useless in fight.

Also I've noticed that sidekicks seem to have a cap on XP which is around 2,147,483,647. My character gained over 2.4 billion XP at the same time while only one character and one sidekick were in the fight.

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