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[Guide] Protoflex, the Tank.

By Bluhen - MEMBER - November 22, 2020, 22:02:38

Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to share with you this guide about this awesome sidekick, Protoflex. A companion that I don't tend to see being used very often but has an incredible potential and can be a welcomed addition to any team if you are looking for a Tank.

This guide contains information about every spell of the Sidekick and some considerations about them, a "Strategies" section where I try to show some spicy tricks that you can do and Tips at the end.

So without further ado, Let's get started!


Protoflex is a bi-elemental Tank which dominates the Earthearth and Firefire elements. A difference of Trank or Virulent Treacherose, Protoflex's tanking gameplay revolves around generating armor and, in some scenarios, reaching insane amounts of Resistances. Even though it has very good tools for tanking, it lacks a way to remove MP from the enemies or attract them to itself so it might need some help every now and then to keep the enemies in place and make sure the enemy attacks it.
The Core

The core of Protoflex is composed of 2 spells that interact directly with each other and will determine how this sidekick will act according to which elemental mastery is higher. This spells are Burst of Energy and Engine Inversion.

Burst of Energy neutral (Passive Spell)

At the start of the turn:
  • fireIf the Fire mastery is higher, Protoflex will give 2 AP to the 2 nearest allies and reduce it's own by 2.
  • earth: If the Earth mastery is higher, Burst of Energy will borrow 42 Resistances from every ally on the field and give Protoflex an additional 42% Block
*Protoflex lvl 196*

*Note: In case that both Fire and Earth masteries have same value, Protoflex will start the battle under it's Fire mode by default. 

Engine Inversion (1 AP): Swaps the fire and earth masteries permanently until the spell is cast again. This allows Protoflex to change the effects of the rest of it's arsenal.

*Note: If you use Engine Inversion on the current turn the effects of Burst of Energy will trigger at the start of the next one.
Elemental spells

Heavy Blow (3 AP - 1 RA): This is the main attacking spell. It deals fire and earth damage simultaneously and has no use limitation.
  • fire: Heavy blow will reduce by 30 the resistances of the enemy with each hit
  • earth: This spell will generate 1044 Armor (1305 on CH) with each hit.

Salvo (1 MP): A very peculiar spell. Along with dealing bi-elemental damage it will add a buff and a debuff on the target according to which mastery is higher. The effects under fire or earth modes are virtually the same, they are just inverted.
  • fire: Salvo will increase the elemental mastery of the target by 225 and debuff it's resistances by 46
  • earth: Salvo will decrease the elemental mastery of the target by -225 and buff it's resistances by 46

*Note: Salvo can also be used on allies to buff their damage or resistances accordingly.

Flexing (4 AP / 1-8 RA):  A long range attack that mostly shines as a sustain tool allowing Protoflex to decently heal itself from distance.
  • fire: It will apply the Flexling state on the allies that are right next to the impact zone. The bearer can not be locked the next time they move.

Now, even though the description states that "you won't be locked the next time you move" the state is also triggered when the bearer casts a spell that has an MP cost such as Eniripsa's Unnatural Remedy, so keep in mind that or you will find yourself unable to escape from an enemy.
Flexling doesn't work on empty cells and it needs a target in order to apply the Flexling state, if you can't get a clean shot on the enemy you can always target your ally to apply it, take in consideration that the spell will damage them.
  • earth: Protoflex will heal it's self twice. This isn't a Steal so the value of the heal depends on the fire and earth mastery of the sidekick.

Flexible Shield (2 AP): A not-so used spell due to it's melee condition and 2 uses per turn. I mostly use it when I have some APs to spare or I'm 1 AP short to cast another Heavy Blow. It shines more now that the armor can only be generated up to half of the maximum HP, but you won't be using this very often to be honest unless you mostly use Protoflex as a support sidekick playing on the backline buffing damage and armor.
  • fire: Protoflex will generate 556 armor (696 on CH) on every adjacent ally.
  • earth: Protoflex will generate 696 (904 on CH) armor on itself.

Active spells

Projection (3 AP / 1-5 RA): Positioning spell. Protoflex lifts an ally and throws it whenever it wants. It is wonderful to recue an ally in danger and has an awesome synergy with Bodyguard (more on this later).

Bodyguard (1 AP / 1 WP): Sacrifice. This spell allows Protoflex to teleport to an ally, pushing them 1 cell back and receiving the damage instead. At level 215 it will protect you from 5 attacks.

excl Keep in mind this: Protoflex will TELEPORT AND PUSH YOU whenever you receive damage whether it is from an enemy or due to some recoil such as Hearthbreaking Blood rune or Sacrier's fire spells which can lead into stepping into an OHKO cell or constantly getting pushed by Protoflex. Use with caution.


Rescuer Combo

A combo that allows you to rescue an ally from distance when Protoflex has run out of MPs. It also allows you to quickly position the sidekick in front of a group of enemies when used correctly. For this you need Bodyguard, Flexling and Projection.
After throwing the ally, you can hit them with Flexling again to teleport back to them in case you don't want Protoflex to get too hurt. If Protoflex is protecting more than 1 ally at the same time, it can jump from ally to ally by attacking, turning Protoflex into a sidekick with very good mobility.

Colossal Resistances

As said before, Burst of Energy (earth) will absorb resistances from every ally on the field and this effect is refreshed every turn. This means that Protoflex will "scan" the field and will take into account any new allies and this includes summons. When paired with a summoner class such as an Eniripsa, Sadida or Rogue, Protoflex will absorb resistances from their minions too and it will even keep them once the summon dissapears. By re-summoning creatures on every turn it will further increase Protoflex's resistances to Colossal levels. This along with Flexing turns Protoflex into the ultimate Tank.
And eventually...
Now this may look fantastic, but it is easier said than done since it requires a setup that might take you some turns to do if you don't have a full party or Hippolyre in your team

 Painless (Eniripsa)

There is something curious that happens when you mix the spells Pain Flask (Eniripsa) and Bodyguard. Even though using both spells at the same time might sound redundant, when done right it can remove the 80% redirected damage leaving just the 20% suffered. I'd suppose the effect would be the same on a Sacrier.
As you can see, Protoflex ended up just suffering around 1000 damage against a monster that usually is able to deal a lot more, specially considering those resistances.

  • In order to maximize the armor generation, Protoflex benefits a lot from Theory of Matter. This will allow it to guarantee a critical hit on Heavy Blow and Flexible Shield increasing their shield generation. Also, since the auto-heal from Flexling isn't a steal but rather it depends on it's elemental mastery, it will improve it's sustain.
  • Try equipping and slotting Lock on this sidekick. As said before, Protoflex lacks of a MP removing spell so it only can rely on this stat to keep enemies in place.
  • When paired with Hippolyre, the shield and resistances generation will increase greatly. This is a pair that shines the most in my opinion since both get a benefit from every interaction (Proto gets defenses and Hippo a continuous boost to it's ovation state)
  • Salvo and Heavy Blow can lower the resistance of the target to a maximum of 120


And that's it! If you are looking for a tank that's hard to break and can take on the enemies hits I totally recommend you to try this sidekick! I've had so many fun battles with it  happy

Thanks for reading!


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After some testing, it is determined that % heals performed does affected self heals, not just % heals received, so in your tips section you mentioned using theory of matter, but keep in mind that is mainly for armour crits but not heals. In fact if it was a health steal it would have been NOT affected by % heals performed according to the forum post Big Guide to Stats and healed better under theory of matter. I could be wrong seeing that I tested on a character for this rather than on flexing itself.

​​​​​​Secondly, it is worth noting that melee mastery boosts the heal irrespective of how far away from the mob you cast flexing from, but not ST mastery. If you're planning to sustain via  heal, it might be a good thing to keep in mind. Healing mastery I've not tested but by normal logic it should work as well.

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