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Trank's Sylvan Symbiosis

By Thothus - MEMBER - November 13, 2020, 00:14:18

Regarding Sylvan Symbiosis, what exactly determines the damage transferred to Thank? Does determination and cc barrier and Distance Barrier and robust work? Does the Trank's own res and block reduce the damage taken? Or is it based on the protected's res?  If trank has armour, does the damage pierce through that?

I can't seem to find the multimen in beta token machines so I can't even test it. My build for Trank can be invalidated if I invest in res instead of HP.

And please don't simply advise me to use protoflex, Sylvan Symbiosis serves a very specific niche that sacrifice and bodyguard doesn't - it doesn't move the protected’s position, of which if it does could easily get me killed in Kali, Magmotel, Black spore, etc.

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Tested on live rather than beta because I couldn't get sidekicks to show up at all on the latter for some reason, but of the things that I had access to testing (barrier, resistance, block, directional bonuses), everything was determined by the original target, not Trank. If Trank has armor, redirected damage lands there first unless it ignores armor in general (such as damage from feca glyphs).

I was surprised to come to the same conclusions years ago in testing with Sacrier, and I've yet to find any exception with any damage redirection mechanic since. It's probably safe to assume that any exceptions aren't actually intended. A recent buff to Sacrier lets them give resistances to the targets of their sacrifice, suggesting they're very aware of all this and don't seem to plan on changing it.

Hope this helps, and happy Tranking!

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Thank you for your testing! That was very helpful. I needed to know these things before I invest in CC or distance barrier for example or to decide to roll for res or HP slots.

I suppose it's right to presume that Bodyguard on proto works the same way, which is a mighty disappointment given the block bonus it gets in earth mode.

Might make it more worthwhile to throw in some ST melee mastery and secret of life sub for heals and moon scales for armour and HP rather than stack res and block

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I'm glad you mention Protoflex because that certainly was my assumption, but I had a look and his actually does seem to be the exception. Near as I can tell he's actually becoming the spell target rather than just receiving damage on the original's behalf.

Instead of behaving the same as Sacriers' version, I tested with Sram dots and for Sacrier, hemorrhage still applied to the original target rather than the Sacrier, whereas Protoflex received the state instead of the original target. Likewise, his block/resists/facing seem to be what's taken into account for the hit itself.

In some ways that makes his the best of the bunch, but as you rightly identified, being tied to repositioning is (often) hilariously problematic, and his has an extra issue in that he doesn't actually swap so much as push the original target one tile away, so he'll create an aoe issue consistently. It also has a charge limit and a WP cost, and I'll readily call the latter the bane of my sidekick experience. Also, for some reason, he'll move even if he's stabilized.

Trank's still feels like the better deal to me despite the weird build incentives, and to add another, it's probably a mistake and they fixed a similar case with Krosmoglob at some point, but currently a crit on his self-heal more than doubles the outcome rather than the usual 1.25. I imagine they'll change it eventually, but it felt worth mentioning.

Hopefully didn't ramble too much there but I do enjoy discovering new bits of weirdness XD. Best of luck! o/

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Hm, may I ask another question?

Trank's health is another wonky concept in that instead of being a health steal or stacks a buff that gives health, it is an attack that has a separate component of healing, so here's the million dollar question- is it affected by earth mastery, heal mastery, ST mastery and/or melee mastery? I'm assuming yes for the first three but I don't know about the fourth.

Gearing for this sidekick sure is a pain :/

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It's definitely based on Earth Mastery and Heals Received % at the very least.
I'm not sure if ST or Melee mastery affects it, but I don't really care because Tank gear usually comes with those.

iirc Healing Mastery also affects the heals somewhat, because when I let him auto-equip which gives him Heal mastery, it does seem to affect his healing.
(But honestly he truly shines in full tank gear)

Also, the heal can crit, so maybe critical mastery affects too.

I gear him by running Gelano + Bagus and I never replace these.
Then I gear him with full Orange Tank gear appropriate for his level, usually with a Weapon + Shield. 


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Couldn't find any heal mastery to test for the life of me, but his healing % bonus is certainly working so I would hope that mastery applies as well. Otherwise, earth mastery and melee mastery work but bizarrely, single target does not (even tried aoe and that didn't either).

Worth noting also that the heal ratio isn't super generous and he does need to actually hit someone in melee to use it, so while health-stacking feels like the clear winner for damage redirection, he's likely to spend plenty of time putting his very own resistances at risk too.

Honorable mention to Treacherrose here partly because I'd forgotten they took away her redirection effect, and partly because in terms of pure damage-soaking potential, she does still seem to have her unbelievably over-tuned self-heal.

Best wishes in continued side-kicking. \o/

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