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[Guide] Hippolyre, the bard.

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - May 07, 2020, 06:33:51

*Update: 05/09/2022

  • Rousing Melody no longers replicate damage and instead gives a 15%DI buff on the ally.

Hi everyone!

I'd like to open this thread as some sort of guide/review of this awesome sidekick and one my favorite. His unique playstyle is welcomed on any team and can do wonders when his spells are used correctly.

So, without further ado, let's go!

First of all, we need to understand what kind of partner he is and what he does. Hippolyre is a Sidekick that can't attack or heal on it's own (well, technically he can but it is very low and not worth), but instead he reacts to your actions making them stronger, like some sort of mime or mirror: If you heal, I heal. If you buff, I buff, if you attack I make the attack stronger.

This is the core concept of Hippolyre: Reactions

A Reaction deals a fraction of the original value of the spell that he replicates and everytime Hippolyre reacts he generates a state called Ovation which, in short, augments the power of the reactions. Ovation can be accumulated up to level 100 and will increase the value of the reactions by 30%.

Now that we've understood how this Sidekick works, let's take a look at his spells.


Hypolyre has access to 3 melodies and each of them has 2 uses: they can either be cast directly on an ally or they can be cast on the ground to summon a Glyph. The power of the Glyph is weaker than a direct cast on an ally but it has the capacity to extend it's effect to every ally that's standing on it. 

Rousing Melody (4 AP):
  • Cast on an Ally: Applies a 15% Damage Buff. Pretty solid.
  • Cast on an empty cell: Creates a 3x3 glyph on the ground. If an ally cast a spell while standing on it, they will receive a 7% damage buff

Sweet Melody (3 AP): A melody that reacts to heals.
  • Cast on an Ally: It will apply Sweet Nothings on the target. At level 230, the melody will replicate 32% of the heals cast on the carrier.
  • Cast on an empty cell: Creates a 5x5 cross glyph on the ground. Whenever an ally that's standing on the glyph receives a heal, Hippolyre will replicate 21% of the original value.
 [left]The Glyph can be very strong when you want to heal a group of allies with AoE heals such as Eniripsa's Revitalizing Word or Sadida's Rust[/left]

Support Melody (3 AP): A melody that reacts to Buffs.
  • Cast on an ally: Hippolyre will augment the buff received by the carrier such as: Armor, CH%, Block, Resistances, Lock and Dodge. It doesn't work on DI% and Elemental/Critical/Healing Mastery.
  • Cast on an empty cell: Creates a 3x3 circle on the ground. The glyph will buff the buffs received by the allies standing on it by 21%.

Removing a Melody

Hippolyre can't apply the same melody on more than 1 ally at a time, meaning that, for example,  there can't be 2 Sweet Melody carriers. Whenever Hippolyre applies the melody on a new ally, the previous carrier loses it and an additional effect is triggered them.
  • When you remove Rousing Melody, the previous bearer unleashes an AoE attack around it.
  • When you remove Sweet Melody, the previous bearer receives a small heal
  • When you remove Support Melody, the previous bearer gain a 15% Final Damage buff.
*The Eniripsa was under the effects of Support Melody and after it was applied on Protoflex it was then removed from the eni and got replaced by a damage buff

Damage Buff Combos

Hippolyre has access to one of the best damage buffs in the game, thanks to it he is able to buff someone's damage by 45% or, if done correctly, 52%. Alternatively, he can also distribute the buffs so he is very flexible when it comes to boosting actions.

On a single ally:
  • Support Melody + Sweet Melody (6 AP): 15% DI. Useful if you don't want to remove the Rousing Melody from the current carrier
  • Support Melody + Support Melody + Rousing Melody (10 AP): 45% DI
  • Support Melody + Support Melody + Rousing Melody + Rousing Glyph (14 AP): 52% DI
[left]            - This combo can be lowered to 11 AP by casting Support Melody on someone in the previous turn.

To buff multiple allies:[/left]
  • Support Melody on the sub-damager -> Support Melody + Rousing Melody on the main DD (10 AP): 15% DI for the sub-damager and 30% DI for the main DD.
  • Support Melody on 2 allies -> Support Melody + Sweet Melody on the main DD (12 AP): This allows Hippo to give 15% DI to 3 allies at the same time.
  • Support Melody on 2 different allies -> Support Melody + Rousing Melody on the main DD (13 AP): Similar to the previous combo, this will give 15% DI to 2 allies and 30% DI to the main DD.

Active spells:

Pulling Out All Strings (6 AP, 1WP): In short, all reactions are doubled. Expensive but extremely powerful once Hippolyre reached max Ovation.

Last Dance (4 AP, 1PW): Revives a KO'd ally. Once Ovation reaches level 60 it will reduce it's cost by 2 AP. Can be cast on any direction and has a wonderful modifiable range but it has a cooldown of 3 turns.[left]Topple (2 AP): In short, Hippolyre picks 2 targets to swap places. This targets are called Toppler and Toppled. The switch occurs at the start of the turn of the Toppler. That's it. This spell can be cast up to 8 times per turn meaning that you can pick 8 targets to trade places.

Up Row: Toppler icons. Down Row: Toppled icons.

The Red swaps places with the red, the blue with the blue, the green with the green and the purple with the purple.

On enemies, this spell is currently bugged resulting in targets not swapping places. On allies it work as intended.

This spell can be used in different situations such as:
  • Drive an enemy away.

  • Counter spells from the enemy
*The green icon over Hippolyre's head is an state that makes the carrier to teleport right next to Nyl Hunter at the end of the turn. A combo commonly used by the monsters at Moon Island which leaves the player vulnerable to receive a strong hit from the Nyl Ripper.
  • Get the back of the enemy easily

In some cases you can even leave 2 targets in a Loop, trading places at the start of each other's turns and obstructing their movement. I say "In some cases" because in others the second swap doesn't work.

Passive Spell
Riktus Dodge: Dodges damage. At level 200, Hypolyre will dodge any attack that deals less than 930 damage, a wonderful spell. It works most of the time but there are instances where Hypolyre won't dodge the attack.

Hidden synergy with summoning classes
Whenever something is summoned inside the Supportive Glyph, Hypolyre gains a lot of Ovation Levels quickly. This combo lets you reach level 100 very easily which means that Pulling Out All The Stops can be used earlier at full potential.
Hypolyre reaching 26 Ovation after a Coney is summoned inside the Supportive Glyph and an additional 26 for upgrading it.

  • Once you decide to Gear up this Sidekick, the best options are sets with high resistance and items/sockets with high Initiative. This will allow him to reduce the damage of incoming attacks and increase the chances of triggering his passive spell Riktus Dodge. Also, a high initiative means that he will be able to buff and apply melodies before any other action.
  • Try to increase his APs. Having a decent amount of Action Points will allow Hippolyre to mix melodies and glyphs easily and not suffer so much from the high cost of Pulling Out All The Stops.

And that's it folks! I really recommend you trying this Sidekick because you won't get dissapointed. It's unique playstyle can combo well with any class and can adapt to kind of situations, even with other Sidekicks (specially with the wide arsenal that the Knights have).

Thanks for reading!

Check out my other Sidekick guides:

P.S: Please Devs, allow Sidekicks to join fights at Kanojedo. It'd make the whole testing process more easy. THANKS A LOT!!!
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thanks for this guide, I was having doubts in purchasing this guy but now that I read your guide I'm sure to grab him.

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I have found whenever I have given the toppler state to multiple ENEMIES only the first target of toppler will trigger the effect on their start of turn. The second, third and fourth invocation of the TOPPLER state will not trigger if they are on the enemy team. I believe this to be a glitch, as the same application on allies allows all the states and triggers to complete as intended.

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I noticed the bug but I didn't pay attention that it only affected enemies under Toppler and Toppler, I thought it was random ohmy. It started happening after some patches ago iirc.

Thanks you so much for the clarification!

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Been following yur guides, wondering if yu would consider making DD Sidekick guides too, which cover how best to gear them and their ability combos to work for best result. 

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I think there's a thing needed clarification which may make people think twice before buying this sidekick.

After testing,

Hippo only added 6% to its 20% [Rouse spell] at MAX ovation.

Meaning it only added just 6%, totaling up to 26% (20% x 1.3)
NOT 20% + 30% = 50%.

Only after using [Pulling out all strings spell] then it can reach 52%, which cost 6ap 1wp and a 2-turn cd.

I can't say anything but feel lamed and trolled by such useless numbers, and with real money and time spent at that.

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The way Rousing Melody works is:

  • If you deal 984 damage, a level 200 Rousing Melody will inflict 197 extra damage (20%) and THEN to those 197, max Ovation will add the 30% extra damage resulting in something around 256.

Most of the states that work with % in Wakfu are accumulative and not additive. Meaning that 20% + 30% doesn't result in a 50% increase, the 30% is applied over the previous value.
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ohhh the reaction mechanic is so interesting! I already have a team of 6 heroes unfortunately. it's too bad because I really like this gameplay. It seems flexible enough to fit on any team. I wonder if any class not revamped in years will get reaction effects after a revamp (eniripsa or sadida could fit such gameplay I think)? since it's based on the allies damage, heal and buffs, does that mean it's just optimal to dump all equipment with lots of HP, dodge, initiative and such non offensive stats on him? also, does that mean it's super strong on some spells? like, the Eniripsa marks, say Hammle flamming buff or the here mark 20% heal transfert, do reactions work in any way with those? for Hammle flamming, does it add 40% to the value of the spell EACH cast? thus it would go from 105 lvl of flamming at level 200 to 147 flamming PER cast? I can imagine some broken effects. if it increase huppermage stat steal, then it can give up to 40 additionnal mastery per spell at level 200. increasing armor buffs is also really good. same for resistance boost, stacking more of those is always good. 

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Usually, the buff that Hyppolyre can increase are the ones that don't work with %, such as Elemental Mastery, Armor, Resistance, Lock, Dodge, Critical Mastery and some others. 

Support Melody doesn't seem to work on buffs that increase your DI% like Eniripsa's Revitalizating Word or Sadida's gust but CH% is an exception, I've seen some Ecaflips loving this Sidekick because of this.

About Flamming, the Melody can not increase the level of the state but it will increase the Lock gained from it. It does works on Huppermages Elemental Mastery steals and, at the same time, on spells that increase the user's Resistance such as Protoflex's Salvo.

Another interesting thing that Hippolyre can Buff are states that are renewed each turn like, for example,  Rogue's passive spell Scope. If you apply the Melody on them, they will gain a heavy Distance Mastery buff at the start of their turn.

Hippolyre, since he can't deal direct damage or heals, is better equipped with items that increase his HP, Lock, Dodge, Resistances, things like that. Everything outside damage masteries.

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Thanks for this guide, it's really helpful to understand how all of Hippolyre's staff works. I've been using this sidekick for some time already and I finally reached next equipment level. I was trying to find some appropriate stuff, and I've noticed one interesting thing. Hippolyre's passive ability contains bonuses for Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Chance and Damage Inflicted. My question is: WHY? 

Before I bought it, I had thought that maybe the percentage of the reaction is only a base value which may be boosted with Elemental Mastery, Damage bonuses and can actually crit on it's own but that's just a fixed percent with no modifications. In that case, what is the point of adding those bonuses to the passive skill?

In my opinion it's literally waste of points which could be distributed elsewhere. I'm not saying it all should be moved to different stats as Hippolyre would be slightly OP but boosting elemental resistance which is currently not too high and replacing Crit Chance with Block would be a good idea.
Additionally it would not look like someone didn't actually know what to add there so they blindly added whatever to fill the gap. I know that Hippolyre can actually damage/heal something on it's own but it's so low that even double bonuses wouldn't justify using this on purpouse this instead of reactions (except a fight bonus that requires every character to kill at least one enemy)...

I may be missing something important here so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. 

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I'm really glad that you are one of the few people that brings sidekicks hype into this little community cool. The most hilarious moment I had with Hyppolyre was when he did some ridiculously insane damage to Enurado boss with Rousing Melody after one of the gems was destroyed. He did even more damage than the character that received the melody because of the gem damage multiplier. I don't know if it was patched but that was totally unexpected.

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Krzaqu6|2021-03-02 23:12:10

Before I bought it, I had thought that maybe the percentage of the reaction is only a base value which may be boosted with Elemental Mastery, Damage bonuses and can actually crit on it's own but that's just a fixed percent with no modifications. In that case, what is the point of adding those bonuses to the passive skill?

I'd say that Devs just needed to give the Sidekick some base stats for it to work.

Because yeah, even if Hippolyre has his own Elemental Mastery, the only time when he uses it is when he removes a Melody from himself to deal AoE damage or self-heal.

In fact, the value of the AoE damage from Rousing Melody and the heal from Sweet Melody when you remove them depends on the Bearer's stats, not Hippolyre's. This means that removing Sweet Melody from a Healer (like an Eniripsa) will heal them more than removing it from a Damage Dealer because their Healing Mastery also affects the value. Same happens when you remove Rousing Melody from an ally, the higher the masteries of the Bearer the higher the AoE damage will be, I'd say their Critical Mastery affects the value too because on Critical Hit the damage varies.

This can be easily tested on an ALS'd Huppermage, apply a melody on them and play around the runes and you'll notice on the Log how the light damage will change from fire to water, air or eath depending on which mastery of the Bearer is the highest.

So yeah, Hippolyre really depends on other allies to work and everything outside Resistances, Lock/Dodge or HP is useless on him, but at the same time this Sidekick doesn't need any other type of masteries because he adapts to every ally.
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Hi i was wondering if other sidekicks can let hippolyre react. been using rousing melody on another sidekick but he wont react when i attack with that other sidekick. am i using him right?

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What Sidekicks are you trying? Rousing Melody should work with almost any source of damage except indirect damage such as Flaming (Flame Knight's main gimmick)

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Updated: 05/09/2022

  • Rousing Melody no longer reacts to damage. The description was changed accordingly.
  • Added a Damage Buff Combos section.
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