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Hippolyre COMBOS!!!

By akyl13 - MEMBER - May 01, 2019, 12:07:29

Sup guys here are some Hippolyre combos that I made. Cast this combo on the target you want to buff.

*Support Melodyx2 + Sweet Melody + Support Melody + Rousing Melody = 45% fd + Hippolyre recast dmg spells
-Alternative: Support Melodyx2 + Rousing Melody + Pulling Out All The Stops = 30% fd + Hippolyre recast dmg spells twice 

*Support Melodyx2 + Rousing Melody = 30%fd + Hippolyre recast dmg spells
*Support Melodyx2 + Rousing Melody Rousing Melody Glyph on target ally area
= 30% fd + Hippolyre recast dmg spells twice 
*Support Melodyx2 + Sweet Melody = 30%fd + Hippolyre recast heals receive
*Support Melodyx2 + Sweet Melody Sweet Melody Glyph on target ally area
= 30% fd + Hippolyre recast heals  receive twice

He can still do more stuff and some other combos effect vary differently but I mainly use the ones above for more dmg and some heals. Feel free to add more combos on this thread.   

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I found that if you summon something inside the Support Glyph, his Ovation level will increase really fast. The game seems to add the stats to the monster the moment you summon it rather than making appear an invocation with already pre-defined stats. When the game adds the stats to the summon based on yours that also counts as a buff and triggers the glyph. Its a great way to reach lvl 100 Ovation fast, specially if you play as Eni and evolve the Coney inside the glyph.

Thanks for the combos! I didn't know that besides Support Melody fd buff you also get an extra fd bonus from the others. Hyppolyre can do a lot of useful things which I don't know if are bugs or working as intended to write them here.

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I have yet to try that on my Xelor does it work on summons that are already in the field? or summons like Hydrands, Sinistros and Dial? 

Also you get the extra fd by casting Support Melody twice and the other by removing support melody by replacing it with another buff. Just try the combo to see the effect changes

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how about topple spell ? it have 8 use per turn , but only first toppled and toppler works.

NB: (Topple is switch place spell between target[can be mobs,player and summon])

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obviously cause it's not a buff spell that's just a reposition spell 

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