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Do sidekicks get weapon buff stat?

By Crxssroad#3675 - MEMBER - May 14, 2018, 21:21:40

I'm asking because I'm having an issue getting my Krosmoglob to have higher air/water mastery so I can actually use its skills(currently all I've been doing is using Time Rift cause that's the only skill that works).

I equipped The Arvashin but its Air and Water mastery are still at the same level. Note that none of its other equipment gives water mastery to balance it out. It's all distance/elemental mastery so I'm not sure what the issue is.

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That red background ring slot makes me think that the item level is higher than the sidekick's one, and it's force-using the automatic stats for it? Did you equip it with a char of higher level? Or have you reduced your char level to one lower than the item level?

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I believe it's only red because my main character already has one of those rings equipped so I wouldn't be able to equip a second one. Other than that, I actually removed all the equipment from the Glob and its stats did not change at all so I'm wondering if I should just submit a ticket.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, none of the stats seem to be updated on the sidekick's characteristics BUT, if I check the sidekick's stats in battle, they're right. Kinda weird.

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When ALS introduced, those sidekick don't have the relevant level category yet, so they remove all the adjustable stat reflect from gears in Sidekick stats. After that, when they add back the ALS for sidekick, they never add back the function. Therefore, you cannot check the sidekick stat relevant to those gears anymore, even in battle just only those main stats, so like range, secondary mastery or critical hit never been able to check anymore.

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