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Sidekicks and their outdated limitations

By Kynaran - MEMBER - November 07, 2016, 11:11:36

I am curious as to why sidekicks still carry certain restrictions. They are already an inferior option to heroes so why limit them further?

In particular:

* Why are sidekicks still not able to participate in Ultimate Boss battles?
* Why do sidekicks have no means of passive WP regeneration?
* Why has sidekick spell damage been not reviewed? The newer sidekicks are generally fine but the Multimen, especially poor Beezlebug, really need to be reviewed. It's bad enough that they're stuck using a single element without having to deal with outdated spell ratios.
* Why are sidekicks not catered for at all in the adjustable level system? Their levels are lowered and instead of average stat values being given they are simply left gearless and with only their base stats to use.

The only justification I ever really heard about sidekicks and their design flaws was that their restrictions were made to ensure that they were less attractive than partying with real players. Clearly that design philosophy no longer exists with the coming of the hero system so why are sidekicks still being handicapped at every turn.

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Because you can get sidekicks without giving a penny to ankama

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Lol Beelzebug. But Shadow is the sk that I really hated since the beginning. To me it is an ugly sidekick.

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Want buy new sidekick QQ

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I'm one of the very few people in Phaeris who actually bought, max gear and use all the available in the game currently ranging from Lv160~198.

To simply put it, given how much Ankama once promote the service, and ends up ditching the idea is just disappointing.

Given how underpowered and outdated Sidekicks are, no wonder the majority won't buy / use them.

From experience, most players would rather using them as loot monkey and naked meat bags, rather than for what they are.

- Reg

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