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6 months in, new elio

By cawleerr#6893 - MEMBER - May 18, 2022, 07:20:22

we are more than 6 months into the elio changes and its still unchanged, i am no game designer and im sure maybe the devs are going for something with the class but i cant really figure it out:

-the spells are riddled with casting limit that the 2 ap from fury isn't as strong as it used to be (the casting limit is fair the class was too spammy) but i think it was overdone a bit 

- the damage is weaker that in order to compete with old elio that mind you wasn't the best dmg dealer, u need to take all dmg oriented passifs making playing it as a supporty dd very difficult 

-too one dimentional, the spells that used to be very popular to use or much more versatile became very hard to use or down right impossible (tempest)

i will write a more detailed feedback on every spell / passif at a later date this is more of a rant, i understand old elio was very problematic.. infinite range, high dmg aoe, no cast limit, very insane brutality burst, unbalanced passifs, but all of those things could have been changed with number tweeks which would have made elio too weak but it will still be more fun to play than the current one i mean the spaminess was the issue but now there is a best dmg every turn combo using limited cast spells one after the other . if anyone discovered a way to play the new elio that is interesting pls let me know 

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No hope.

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Eliotrope is very good and fun now, there are more classes around to pick from, - try them.

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wow thnx i never thought of that, but i insist on playing elio, why dont you show me some of the very good and fun ways to play that are better than pre revamp

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Keep going and show as your vision of new Elio, his weak points etc.

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i think its always better to just give feedback, the wakfu teams usualy have plenty of ideas we just need to give them feedback about how the status quo, and honestly its not a matter of weak points, cause by no means elio can be ''weak'' portals will always be useful, its just a matter of usablity and current elio feels very clunky. wp is a big point for that, this is an opinion shared by a couple of ppl that play the class 

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I'm having a lot of fun with the melee backstab white dimension build, but am kinda dissapointed how weak the trapster passive is.

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Elio. Weak. 

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No hope.

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