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Question about Eliotrope skill points & Portals

By Yesberry#9788 - MEMBER - June 17, 2021, 02:23:57

Hello everyone! i'm a fairly new player who decided to make an Eliotrope (I play mostly PvE, i don't think i'll play PvP until i've got a solid grasp of the game and can offer people a proper challenge) and at first i was running him as a distance fighter but as i leveled up i realized some spells only work on melee range and now i'm considering to change it into a Melee Build so i wanted to ask mainly two things from the more veteran players:
1) Do Portals work with Melee Rules same way Rogue Bombs do? as in: if the target is 1-2 cells away from the portal then any attack that travels through the portal is considered as melee (asking to see if a Melee Eliotrope would still use portals.)
2) What would be a good Skill Distribution for a Melee PvE Eliotrope? with my limited understanding the best i could come up with is:
-Intelligence: Elemental Resistance (10 Points), % Health Points (Everything else.)
-Strength: Melee Mastery (20 Points), Elemental Mastery (Everything else, mainly because i see both single target and zone spells i'd love to use.)
-Agility: Force of Will (20 Points), Dodge and Lock (Everything else, i'm assuming Eliotropes need to be able to lock enemies as well as run away.)
-Fortune: % Critical Hit (20 Points), % Block (20 Points), Critical Mastery (Everything else.)
-Major: Action Points (1 Point), Wakfu Points (1 Point), Mobility and Damage (1 Point), % Damage Inflicted (1 Point.)

Please feel free to give me any feedback and suggestions (as i said i'm a total noob so i really apreciate the help) thanks for reading.

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No, rogue bombs are melee since technically the damage comes from the bomb not the rogue, while a portal is just a tool that extends your range. They do have a unique property of being non-directional damage (so it's never a backstab if it goes trough a portal).

Force of will is only worth taking if you want to be a defensive tank instead of an offensive melee fighter, since more lock is usually better then more AP and MP removals (tho the AP removal resistance is nice in some dungeons)

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Rogue bombs are not validated as melee if the rogue is not within melee range of the enemy. Have seen this multiple times in dungeons where the melee/cc challenge fails when the rogue is not close by to the enemy when they get exploded with the bomb.

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1) Portal through attack is always considered as distance in damage count (it is effected by your distance mastery), however, if eliotrope is in melee range with the target, dungeon/mob mechanics will consider it as melee.

2) You already know well, but if I were you, I'd put berserk mastery instead of critical mastery. But it's just matter of playstyle so you will be okay with critical mastery.

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