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Essay on Eliotrope

By shyvanillacra - MEMBER - September 03, 2019, 10:46:56
Before reading

This essay aims to introduce a basic attitude of being an PvE eliotrope-main player. It is a short essay of my eliotrope playing experience. There’re alot better guides about how to build an eliotrope or explaining spells and combos of the character, however, this would let you to understand what the eliotrope-main player should have in mind.

This writing is full of my personal ideas of the character, so you might not agree with some points of them, although I think things I’ve written bellow are really based on realistic game-playing. I hope you enjoy this.

1. Every type of eliotrope has a potential. But just pick one or two

In endgame setup, every type of eliotrope has a potential. Problem is limited resources you have. Technically speaking, an eliotrope can be highly effected by every type of mastery, however, you cannot cover everything. There’re not smart questions to ask: “Distance + Single, is it good?” or “Melee + Berserk, what about this?” (Single + Area, what about thi... are you serious?)

It is like make decision between a desktop and a laptop. There’s no answer.It is just a matter of getting used to specific playing style. You have to find what is good for you. Without focusing on specific style, it is not better than changing class. I won’t mention which I think as the best style, because it is unreasonable.

2. Know your power

  A. Ready to sacrifice

An eliotrope is not basically designed as best damage dealer. What? Maybe somebody want to shout out the meme phrase, “Elio hits like a truck!” But I don't know where that truck comes from... As a matter of fact, you have to simulate over and over again to get the best result with limited resources you have. You will lose a lot of AP to build portals for yourself and for your teammates. It may lead you to the fact that your eliotrope won’t get the best damage with losing AP for portals. It is recommended to stay as supporter until the best condition has come.

You maybe think you have the best power in your team, but think again. If one of your teammates’ damager type classes have gears of same tier as yours, you will never be the best damage dealer in your team. Of course, you can do better damage than others if you want to change the condition, for examples: your teammates might feel interrupted by portals in bad position, doing nothing but spamming portal plus flood repeatedly, as well as no supporting from portals.

Remember that cooperation is really important in this game. Showing off your damage does not help anything but does lead you to lose the battle eventually. Sometimes even your 10AP is not worthy as 4AP of others. Your sacrifice can make your whole team to better than before.

  B. Maximize the potential power / know your team

You have to free yourself from the pressure of doing something in a single turn. More specifically, you maybe want to hit something more to prove your eliotrope's value. Sometimes, however, it is better to do nothing. Not like most of other damager type classes, the eliotrope doesn't have any kind of level-stacking-style self buff (like 'darling heart' of sacrier, or 'weak point' of sram). It is obvious that you need to prepare in other way.

Most of the time, your eliotrope won't meet favorable conditions: you built portals in front of your next-turn enemy in your mind but your team already wiped-out it before your turn comes, and you feel you waste whole AP for nothing. Your teammates always want to hit more than you, even if it may leave few option to you, like as you unconsciously do some mistakes sometimes. So it is required to know what your teammates going to do before and after you. It has many meanings, for example, you maybe need to take some rest and buff yourself while your teammates want to make some noise. As I wrote above, you have to wait for the best condition.

  C. Focus on details

Sometimes I see eliotrope players do a lot of mistake. One of the most common thing is the order of changing exaltation(exalt/calm) state. Speak plainly, use exaltation(calm to exalt, or exalt to calm) before casting Incandescence. People usually use Incandescence as the final blow even if they are not in the best condition(WP=0, or not under effervescence buff). Maybe you get what I want to say. Focusing on the small details can boost your hidden potential.

3. Get used to absurd order, but say no for impossible

Sometimes, your teammates don’t know well about how eliotrope works. They might ask you “move me one cell, here”, “setup portals here and here, and kill this mob,” like nothing. If you are in the best gears and full buffs, you have an opportunity to fulfil those orders. Your teammates, however, sometimes give nothing but only ask. It is impossible to do everything. An eliotrope is not a golden key to open up every mystery box.

“Ready to sacrifice” does not mean you have to do everything step by step as your team’s order. You can do your action in your mind, which should be better than the order. You have to make your teammates get used to your playing style, as you get used to theirs. At the end, You will do everything your teammates want, and your teammates already did everything you wanted. 

Thanks for reading.
I’d add some words or do some correction in... future? maybe.
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At least a topic which articulates the pleasure of playing one of the most well-designed character class !

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HEY! Amazing topic, really! 
As an Elio player, I love to read about it. And you did an awesome work here! 


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