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Backstab damage

By zeca2017 - MEMBER - August 18, 2019, 03:37:54

Hello, I am a level 200 Eliotrope at Efrim.
I am having trouble with backstab damage through portals.
The damage (while I am) in front of enemy and the damage (while I am) behind the enemy (both through portals) are equal.

Just direct damage has the correct damage.

I have already reported many times as a bug, but Ankama says that it is not the case.

Anybody else with the same problem?
(sorry for any grammar mistakes)

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Dmg done by spells casted thru portals are non-directional which means they supposed to have same dmg no metter where the elio or portal are placed towards enemies.

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doesnt matter where the dmg is comming from it matters where the eliotrop is . if the portal is behind the target and u are infront of it u wont get backstab if the portal is in front of it and ur behind u get the backstab its realy weird but its fair .. it would be realy easy if the backstab is where the portals are 

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Thanks, I knew that ("damage (while I am) behind the enemy"), but it is not how it is happening.

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Cawleer's statement about elios position matters for damage through portals is wrong and SirPercedal is right. If a spell passes through a portal, it gets nondirectional, this means the damage can't get increased by side-damage%, rear-damage% and  -rear res. Additionally it don't get reduced by rear resistance. This don't depend on where the Elio is positioned or where the portals are placed. I just tested it again, to be 100% sure.

Like Ankama said, this is an intended mechanic and not a bug.

On another note, the backstab challenge is still working with the position of the elio, but the challenges are programmed seperately to the damage mechanics.

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i assure u my statement is right and theres an easy way to track it use "Enthusiasm" it will give something to work with  . this isnt a special mechanic this is how the game is Distance / Mele / backstabs depend of the postion of the target and ur position . 

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Portal thru damage is effected by elio's position, if you have [Wield type: Dagger] rune in your build.

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Thanks everyone. 
I had also tested it. I posted just after some tests, included with Enthusiasm.
But this characteristic were not mentioned many time trying this...
I have at least 2 builds wiht backstab damage...

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