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Choosing a pet.

By Crxssroad#3675 - MEMBER - May 07, 2018, 00:41:28

I'm new, to wakfu and by extension this class(only level 38), and I was looking into buying a pet for my Elio. From what I've seen, I think I'll be buying the golden young wild sow since I mostly use air/water spells, but I was wondering if the Dauge pet was worth it(100 Berserk mastery). Would that be wasted on me?

I'm trying for a single target distance build, but I'm not adverse to maybe trying to do distance + zerk. How do Elios go about maintaining Zerk without dying? And do I just sit near enemies until my health drops below half and port away?

Sorry if the questions sound stupid. I'm trying to get a good start.

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Dauge's seemed pretty...well...annoying for me. I generally pick a pet simply because I like it. Gaboons, dragoons, borbats. I rotate regularly, but then I have 6 characters spread over two servers...

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Thanks for the input. smile I do see the appeal of aesthetics but I'm hoping to get an edge from the pet's stat boost.

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Pets on elio can be many, depends on your playstyle.

Since you are new I think that the best way to play elio from lvl 1 to 100 is the melee one but from 101 to 200 what you want to do is to survive and deal dmg as a ranged dmg because mobs start hitting hard here: ----> you survive only with fully runed gear OR play distance berserker elio (common way).

I would suggest Single Target pet for the next 6 - 8 months, at that time you will change your own build and eventually change pet but still, many endgame elios play with a Single Target pet.

Also, in the early lvls it will be difficult to find enough control Items to have enough control to put 4 portals. 

The best pet I used until high lvl was Tamed Abomination HP 1 Control 40 Single Target dmg at lvl 50.
Or, If you like mobile games, you can spend 20 days of your life leveling a bontarian Bow Meow on Dofus Pets App and send it to your Wakfu account, It will give 60 elemental mastery and 1 Control.

- Tamed Abomination - non-purchasable via ogrine shop, but it's pretty cheap in game. you will be able to buy it if you sell something from ogrine shop.

- Bontarian Bow Meow via Dofus Pets App


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Great reply! I think I'll try that Bonatarian Bow Meow. Thanks bud. smile

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Hi man i run very glassy zerker build. Id take pet with we u need most, crits and st or distance or zerker are fine but make sure u have 3 control(to use 4 portals). 
Zerker tip:
before the fight de-equip all ur gear and then put it all back. Your hp should be below 50%. The u can 1 turn most of the monsters so u should never rly die

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Hey, I was actually wondering how I would start a fight below 50%. Thanks for the idea! Right now I'm not too worried about gear cause I'm low level and nothing I'm getting seems out of this world... plus I've been spending too much time grinding professions.

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