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Zerk elio?

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - February 20, 2018, 20:17:23

I'm wondering if zerk is a viable build for Elio. And if so how do I play it? do I make sure I have 49% before the fight? and what should i put mypoints into? im thinking of going Water/earth. please help!

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hey,yeah berserk elios have extremely good damages (probably the best among distance damage dealers) but they often are extremely easy to kill when they're at their strongest
the best option is to go for strong resistance alongside your berserk build,avoid using exalt until you're sure no ennemy can attack you,try to always stay under 50% hps ,but use hiding in exalt if you think you're going to get hit pretty badly,don't forget to make use of your self revival if you're in a bad spot
for points
intelligence: 10 in resistance and 40 in hp
strenght:20 in distance mastery then 30 in general mastery
agility: 20 in willpower the rest wherever you want
luck: 20on block and 30 on berserk mastery
major: ap,mp,resist,damage dealt

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Thank you for the in-depth response! Is there any handy way to get my hp to 49% before a fight? 

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Zerk elio are a strong thing in pvp build but in the zinit dungeon (and pretty all the endgame stuff) they are pretty useless and can be killed in just one turn.
so if u are into the pvp thing do the zerk. But if your thing is pve i think you should go in the normal distance elio.

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thanks for the response! I was thinking of making a ranged zerk elio. would that fix the problem?

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Personally playing a serk elio too and I gotta say it's the PvP that it struggle in. Absolute beast in pve especially with healer/shielder in your team.

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