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Score : 1129

Johnsonxii's guide to eliotrope (Edition 4)

By Ihavebraindamage - MEMBER - February 15, 2018, 04:52:47
         Hello wakfukians!! I'm johnsonxii the poorest osa of phaeris. Welcome to my eliotrope's guide.

Why are you here? Go back to osa subforum.
         Well, there is already a good guide for osa so there is no point in making another one(?).

       Eliotrope has always been the forgotten classes. My intention to making this guide is to share the enthusiasm I have with my new character to another players. My goal is to see more people appreciate eliotrope and their presence in battlefield.

Table of contents
  1. [CIMH-1] Pros&cons
  2. [CIMH-2] spells - water branch
  3. [CIMH-3] spells - earth branch
  4. [CIMH-4] spells - air branch
  5. [CIMH-5] actives spells
  6. [CIMH-6] class passives
  7. [CIMH-7] gameplay
  8. [CIMH-8] builds
  9. [CIMH-9] deck

  • elio deal above average damage in water earth and air branches. He has lots of final damage.
  • elio can make portals, a super portable Doraemon door for every one to use! Increase mobility and open up a lot of strategy for fighting.
  • excels in long range battle, thanks to portal
  • elio is not a bad melee fighter too
  • elio gets even stronger after got less than 50%hp
  • elio has toggleable states, calm and exalted, for defensive and offensive purposes
  • can shoot his spell through portals
  • can do basic map manipulation like pushing allies and enemies
  • can do ap, mp, incurable stabilize debuffs.
  • can do self teleport
  • can revive allies from afar
  • looks cool shooting lazers.
  • has cute hat.

  •  fixed range, gearing won't increase your basic range
  • due to berserk nature and exalted mode, can be vulnerable to damage and focus fire.
  • high map presence, your deaths are inexcusable in epic fight.
  • yells a lot in exalted mode.
  • cute hat clipping through costumes


[CIMH-2] Water spells

Wakmeha 25.25 dmg/ap (21 dmg/ap with 4.25 non-reducible dmg/ap)

Sounds totally like what you think ankama is making parody out of. This laser beam shoot linearly from you with 5 range maximum unmodifiable. It can goes through portals and came out in a linear fashion. This spell has special attributes.
In exalted mode, part of its damage is non-reducible, which means 16.8% of your damage will be unmitigated by shielding or high resistance. Non-reducible damage shines against Target with water resist greater than 70% and heavily shielded enemy. 
In calmed mode, it can reduce target's AP by 2! (this require willpower calculation)

Pulsation 25 dmg/ap

This cheap spell is bread and butter of eliotrope of any builds. It has innate ability to move your closest portal to targeted empty cell at the cost of 2 ap only. And it has highest range of your non-linear spells (4 cells starting from yourself), which mean it is the best spamming spell against lower level enemy farming.

Flood   25 dmg/ap or 18.66 self-heal/ap

Arguably the best spell of water branch. For the cost of 3 ap, flood can either switch place with target then heal you in calm state or deal significant damage at your foe in exalted mode. It will hit even harder if you got portal between you and the target ( check out Transitory passive ).

Whirlwind 27 dmg/ap

This spell, despite having quite high dmg ap ratio, is mostly your map manipulation tool. Can be casted 4 cells linearly from you. Casted directly at target, it will be pushed 1 cell away from you. 
Casted on any portal( no Line of Sight needed), it will push anyone in 2 cells plus shape away from targeted portal.

Barrier 42 dmg/AP (?)+ 15 armor/ap

Say Hello to the highest Ap cost spell of wakfu. For the whopping cost of 7 AP, you will deploy a 2x2 size circular shape glyph called eliotrope barrier. This barrier will grant -20% damage received to all allies in it. At the start of next turn,
your eliotrope will teleport into the middle of the glyph and armor himself up using your water mastery while dealing tremendous damage to all enemies who went inside the glyph area. Has 2 turns cool down.

[CIMH-3] Earth spells 

Deafening target 23 dmg/AP

This AoE spell bash targets linearly to you in 3 cells AoE perpendicular to your puny 2 cells casting range. Bad news is it can't be casted through portal. Good news is it remove 2 mp from your target!

Ardent aegis 63(fixed) dmg/ wp

Casting on self for the cost of 1 wp, add lock to yourself and reduce damage received by 15% to any attack from 2 cells away (and deal a negligible earth damage back to range attacker). This spell is really good for melee locker eliotrope, but it has 3 turns cooldown so be strategic!

Cataclysm 27 dmg/AP (25.2 or 29.4 dmg/AP if casted on self with cataclysmic)

This spell serves 2 functions. You can hit high earth damage at your single target or cast at self for hurting enemies at start of your next turn in 2 cell AoE around you. It may have short range like deafening target but good news is it can be cast through portal.
This spell is limited to 2 cast per target. Cataclysm also have special passive dedicated to its performance, cataclysmic.

Clash 21 dmg/AP

Clash is the only long range earth AoE option you have, since you can shoot this through portal. In calm state, it deal damage in 2 cells plus shape. In exalted state, it deal damage in 1 cell plus shape. 
However, it gain 1% increased damage per 2% missing HP, which means at the when you're in berserk HP range, this spell gain 25% - 49% increased damage in exalted mode!

Hiding 25 dmg/AP

Arguably the best earth single target spell, this spell does lifesteal ! It may has only 3 cells range, but it can be shot through portal and is not limited to linear line. You can get back your HP as much as the damage dealt upon contact in exalted mode, but you can use this only twice per turn. Great life-saving potential!

[CIMH-4] Air spells

Torrential flux 21 dmg/ap 

If wakmeha didn't impress you, this will. Damage 5 cell linearly in the direction you choose from yourself and place a 1x5 'wakfu trail' glyph along the path. Those who start their turn or end their turn on the trail suffer 62% of your base damage in air damage. However, directional bonus are not calculated in the wakfu trail's damage. 
Tip: this spell deal many instances on 3x3 ultimate bosses.

siphon  27 dmg/ ap

Apart from dealing air damage to the target, this spell place a mark on target based on your exalted/calm state. In calm state, the 'inverse siphoning' mark will push the marked target away from their damage source for 1 cell each time they are damaged by linear source.
In exalted state, the 'siphoning' mark will attract the target to the linear damage source for 1 cell. One instance of mark will work for 3 times only unless reapply by the eliotrope. Has only 3 cells linear range but can be shoot through portals.
tip: it is spammable cheap air spell. You can also target yourself through portal to give yourself the siphoning mark. Especially inverse siphoning can be used to troll melee fighter in pvp.

Ethereal burst     31 dmg/AP

This spell may look really similar to siphon, but the real selling point is it can apply 'incurable Lv 3' debuff when you're in calm state. This means your target will receive 30% less heals while they're under this debuff. This spell also has no line of sight and goes through portal but can be casted only 3 times per target.

Tempest 23 dmg/ap when calm & 25.2 dmg/ap exalted

This AoE spell works similarly to clash of earth branch. In calm state, it deal huge 2x2 wrath AoE. In exalted state, it deal 1 cell plus shaped aoe with higher damage. Tip: you can shoot it on any of your portal without need of Line of sight.

unleashed blade 25 dmg/ap 

The super nuke of eliotrope, this spell has special characteristic when your target stand on your beloved portal. If you use it while your target is on top of a portal, it will reduce 4 range if you are in calm mode or increase its damage to 45 dmg/ap in exalted mode!! This nuking will, however, cost you the portal.
[CIMH-5] Actives

This is the most important active in your kit. For the cost of 2 ap, simply place or remove a portal. A portal is a special kind of cell that any players can use, allies and opponents alike. You can use it by standing on top of the portal and click on another portal and you will be transported there for the cost of 1 mp. 
The usage will be discussed later in 'gameplay' chapter. Tip: Maximum amount of 4 portals can be achieved with 3 control at least.

This active spell switch you between the exalted and calm mode for the cost of 1 ap (or not at all, if you use effervescence). We started the battle always in calm state. You can switch your mode only once per turn, so decide your spell order well!
More explanation on exalted/calm state:
In calm state, you will gain extra 50 resistance from outside battle and will regenerate 1 wp every time you take a hit. If you end the turn with calm state you will regenerate 2 wp.
In exalted state, you will lose 50 resistance from outside battle and gain 20% final damage while your wp is greater than 0. However, every spell you cost while exalted will consume you 1 wp. This means that exalted mode is offensive mode that has 100 resist difference than calm state and will grant 20 FD as long as your WP doesn't run out.

Time breach
Costing you 2 ap and 1 wp, you can teleport yourself to any of your portals or anywhere within 4 cells of yourself. If you cast it on ally, that targeted ally will be teleported to the portal closest to the ally (which must not exceed 6 cells from the ally).
Testing have shown that if there is many portals around him with same distance, he will be teleporterd to the newest portal that appear in that area.

This active spell has 2 usages. First you can use it as normal linear revive your ally spell. The noteworthy aspect of it is that it can revive fallen ally through portal too! Second usage is to target yourself in  case you know very well you're gonna get KO'd after your turn. You will be revived with 20% HP instantly if something kills you.
This spell has 3 turns cool down so use it wisely.

Cheapest nuke ever known to wakfukian. For the cost of 1 AP, for every portal within 3 cells of the targeted enemy, deal 75 base damage and stabilized the target. The damage can go up to maximum 150 base damage when there's 2 portal near the target! Moreover, the enemy hit by incandescence will not be able to sneak inside your portal for a turn.
Very convenient in PvP. This spell has 2 turn cooldown.

[CIMH-6] Class Passives

There are total of 9 classes passives for eliotrope.


As the description says, this passive is totally a must for melee eliotrope. This passives has 3 aspects. Firstly, any enemy who start their turn in close contact (1 cell) with you will recieve 100 resist penalty.
Secondly, the ardent aegis of the earth branch will be upgraded. It will has its range increased by 5 cells, which means you can cast it on ally who will be tanking some damage. Also increase the reflected damage, but they are so low it's not important.
Finally, the first enemy you attack in close combat (1-2 cells) on your turn will receive incurable lvl 3 debuff.

This is unpopular yet interesting passive. Apart from giving you extra wp, you will recieved extra mechanic to your self called 'wakfu imprinting'. When you deal any frontstab attack to enemy (at any range regardless of portals), your enemy will be marked with 'wakfu imprint'. This means that after you use a portal to travel
to its backside, you will gain extra damage (30% at lvl 120 evolution) for your backstab damage to the imprinted target. This passive work well with backstab flood or unleashed blade, although setting up can be tricky and resource intensive.

Simple yet wonderful passive. If you observed closely, every eliotrope's spell can not be modified by range. This passive will convert your +2 range into +1 mp.
This passive will also increase your final damage if you attack 3+ cells away from enemy (20% FD at lvl 130 eveolution).

Another simple yet awesome passive, this grant you 80 berserk mastery (240 at lvl 140) and when you reach berserk threshold (< 50% hp) , gain extra 1 ap and 1 mp!! 

This passive is what make flood spell so good. If there exist a portal (or more) between you and target (portal directly on top of you or target doesn't count), Flood will give 2 AP to your ally in calm state (along with swapping place and heal you) or deal 30% more damage (50% more at lvl 150 evolution) if you're in exalted state!
With this passive, your flood spell will deal 37.5 damage/AP at lvl 150! Tip: granting 2 ap in calm state work only once per turn, so spamming flood on your ally doesn't work.
Transitory also heals any allies who use a portal for 3% of their max HP and +3% critical chance per use. If you use it every turn without fail, the heal and critical buff goes from 3% -> 6% -> 12% maximum. (This work only once per turn so going through and fro a pair of portal will not heal you more than once nor give you more than crit chance) 


The passive linked directly to the exalted/calm state. Basically make you cast exaltation for free. Moreover, grant 10% FD when you cast exaltation (20% FD at lvl 160). This means you can have extra 40 FD if you switch from calm to exalted having this passive. Even your calm state can have 20 FD from this passive too.

Celestial portal

Think again if moving portal is the only special usage of pulsation spell. With celestial portal passive, if 2 portals is within your 4 cells reach, you can cast pulsation through one portal and target yourself from another portal! This act of shooting yourself will grant you 
'celestial gift' self-buff that grant 25% FD (35% FD at lv 170) to all of your spell that travel through portal. Shooting self thought portal deal no damage to yourself and regenerate you 2 wp too. Tips: any spell that can travel through portal and target at you can regenerate 2 wp, wakmeha, clash, ethereal burst, siphon included!

Elemental disciple

Another fun passive which somehow rogue have too. To elaborate the description, the bonus 25 FD (40 FD at lvl 180) damage will trigger when you have dealt 2 different element damage using your spells in that turn. You can keep using the first 2 element until you're satisfied but the charge will not be consumed until you shoot the 3rd element spell that hurt a target. Remember that all of this must be done within one turn.


This passive dedicate solely to upgrading the power of the earth spell cataclysm's self cast AoE. Apart from giving 20 extra FD at all level to tremblor, cataclysm will also apply 20% more 'tremblor' level (40% more tremblor level at lvl 190).
For comparison, at lvl 200 without this passive, my elio generate 168 tremblor level (-168 base damage) when cast twice dealing 7763 damage on Mr.punchy (if crit twice can reach Lv.210 tremblor). Using this passive, the tremblor lvl increase to lv 234 (cast twice, both not crit) and deal 10813 damage. Maximum tremblor level generate with this passive is Lv 294 by critting twice when casting tremblor on self. For investing 8 AP, cataclysm with this passive deal 29.25 damage/ AP (36.75 dmg/AP critical). Quite high, right?
[CIMH-7] Gameplay

Most new players would wonder how to use eliotrope effectively in all situations. The key lies in the ability to evaluate the fight itself. As a eliotrope player, the first thing oyu must realize in every fight is how long it will take. Fight that end in 1-2 turns means your portal-play will barely have any effect to the team. This means you can use your portal just for damage and range increase for your benefit only. Fights that end more than 2 turns
means your portal will have importance and you will need to invest your AP in the first 2 turns creating 2 portals each turn. Then you can use pulsation to move them to your desired location. Note that you need to shoot through a portal in order to move a portal, so dont go too far from your portal, ever. Most of the time, eliotrope love having 2 portal floating near their 'working location' and use the other 2 portals to shoot this and that from afar.
This will means you can kite to any range when you're attacked or use closest portals to your offensive benefit.
[CIMH-8] Builds

Judging from personal experience, Eliotrope have 3 type of stat allocation. 
1. Single target + distance eliotrope.
Due to the ease of kiting and having portals, dealing damage from afar is very popular solution to many eliotropes. Prefer water and air branch. However, this type of eliotrope is generally not tanky (thanks to gears) and do not like being locked much.

2. AoE + melee tank locker eliotrope
This can be an interesting option too. With earth and water as your main branch, using barrier and ardent aegis can make you very tanky. Can also remove mp of your target with deafening target. Coupling with resilience and enthusiasm, this can be formidable build.

3. berserk eliotrope
This is my personal preference. High risk high reward playstyle. Die easily, but with good support, can deal vast amount of damage.

here are examples of characteristics of lvl 200 eliotrope.
max resist first then max% armor hp next so you can save some bread or stay in berserk mode safer.
If you're distance+single target eliotrope, max distance mastery 20 points first then single target 20 points. I dump all points into elemental mastery due to berserk eliotrope using AoE too sometimes (clash spam)
for eliotrope, force of will is important to max. you can adjust your initiative to fit you party here, then dump rest of your point into dodge or lock.
Focus on critical chance and block first since they are best stats fortune branch offers. the rest can go into berserk mastery.
Start with AP -> MP -> Resist -> 10%FD.

[CIMH-9] Deck
This is deck example of berserk eliotrope. For distance single target user, replace clash with cataclysm or unleashed blade. Passives are lined up in their priority order.[/left]

change log
15 february 2018 - release text only version
16 february           - pics, pics and more pics
12 march               - reuploading pics and add some characteristic recommendation
14 march               - add deck and missing passives
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Score : 672

I believe the Transitory passive boosts up to 12% hp heal and 12% crit chance after using it consistently for 3 turns(3->6->12) and stays at 12% unless you stop using it for a turn. In that case it starts over at 3% again.

Score : 1129

i'll tested tonight to confirm, thanks for input

Score : 206
happy  I'd love to see more people experiment with this class if they get the chance to read this guide of yours~

The grind is well worth it once you get your second-to-last passive, and I'm having a blast even though I haven't hit 200 yet <3

Hang in there!
Score : 851
btw I don't know if this is intentional
the damage buff when you <100% health for Clash actually works in Calmed states too

This has been fixed, dmg buff only works in exalted state now

wakfu trail actually deal about 2/3 base damage

you can cast siphon on yourself through portal
(don't know if this is useful though
Score : 1129

Haha I never bother checking clash damage at 51%-100% hp when calm, thanks for input

Score : 815

Self siphon is amazing for trolling iops on their sip turn


Score : 16

Wakfu needs more people like you Johnsonxii!
A must-read for each Elio!

Score : 93


Prior to this guide, I just haphazardly played my Elio according to what 'felt right'. Though seeing this guide, I'm really keen to give their berserk build a try.

All I need to do now; other than level my Elio and actually try out the build, is to farm enough kamas for adequate gear.

Score : 1

Does healing mastery work with flood

Score : 1129

It does but better focus on something else biggrin

Score : 1

Really appreciate the guide, but could you give me more details about the berserk build? At least branches and a bit about the mindset/playstyle.

Score : 1211

The guide is pretty detailed, and there isn't much to say about zerk elio.
It's just that you can't learn how to play a class from only looking up a guide; try it yourself and see what fits YOUR playstyle. Eliotrope is a versatile class, you may find a particular element branch or strategy better than the one you could come up with by reading this guide.

Score : 20

I have yet to reach lvl 200 yet but I have a different build theory to suggest. The ones above are excellent, and certainly I know berserk eliotrope is a solid choice, but heres just a few more things to note.

1. The huppermage school skill fluctuation can give you a +15% dmg bonus per dodge on an enemy. Elio with two portal placed behind enemy and in front of enemy and decent dodge with 5 MP can very easily turn that into a 60% dmg bonus on their 1 AP incadescent portal slammer, by simply jumping back and forth between portals. This also compliments backstab well.

Thus a melee eliotrope can make extreme use of the fluctuation passive. Distance can as well tho by making use of a third portal to escape further away before the final hit.

As a team player if another melee player is also in range using fluctuation and able to make use of your portals after you they can also massively benefit from this gambit.

Also a lot of people undervalue ardent aegis. Yeah its not phenomenal in most situations, but it destroys enemies that use tick dmg. PVE if an enemy (sporelator for example) gives you MP poisoning (every time you spend MP you take dmg) you can portal out to a distance and literally walk back and forth procking its effect with each step taking 0 dmg from the poison (reduced by the aegis) and applying a fairly hefty 63*3(with passive at lvl 200) Earth HP per step back onto the target. it really adds up. Seriously people need to play with resilience and aegis more. Against MP poisons and other things it can destroy and counter extremely well.

I thus favor fluctuation over carnage, and resilience over berserk if(and only if) not playing with the berserk characteristics setup.

*my experience with the sporelators and ardent aegis was when i matched their level back at lvl 130. So it reduced their poison dmg to 0 when i was evenly matched in lvl. Ardent aegis is really an amazing undervalued spell. at a 0 AP cost it can add a ton to your dmg output in the right moment.

Score : 20

Also with more than 5 MP of course that fluctuation boost can get even bigger.

Score : 1

good guide, ty!

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