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Help with Eliotropes,their gameplay,their gears and their characteristics

By RoswellGreyer - MEMBER - February 02, 2018, 23:16:28

Hello. I am a new Eliotrope player  and I wish to know how to play as Eliotropes and their main mechanics regardless of their elemental build. What are the best spells to use,combos i can pull off and strategies i can use?

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Main mechanic of eliotropes is portal-play. The key to portal-play is to increase the mobility of your team to the maximum while extending your spell coverage in battlefield. 
Best damaging spells are often in water branch. Wakmeha, flood, pulsation are the best spells in your arsenal. whirlwind is for positioning mostly. Whirlwind cost is just sad.
As for earth spell, clash and hiding is the most useful imo. 
As for air spell, spamming siphon and occasional unleashed blade is enough.
Eliotrope doesn't synergize spell 'combo' unless you use elemental disciple passive. most of the time it's spammage.
Strategies are based on your enemies's condition most of the time. Mostly in end game, enemies will want to be hurt in specific way or have some kind of invulnerability. Your portals will served as the way to reduce burden on the teams.
Here are some example of portal-play:
Xelorium past: We need a 'on-time' buff to hurt boss. Allies often have problem that they started their turn on correct buff-giver spot but can not travel to slap boss without spending significant resources, putting 4 portals around the dial zone make it possible for allies to reach boss from any angle.
Xelorium present: Mr.Robowl in phase 2 often want to join your party in the middle zone despite being enemy. Use your portals + whirlwind to push him away to corner of the map. One of the portal can serve as your leeway to attack him and for your melee based allies to reach him safely to deal some damage.

was i too deep in the game....

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well I main a level 200 eliotrope and the way I built mine was around being a ranged damage dealer. Technically cras have the most range in the game but if you consider elios portals they can pretty much cover any map from corner to corner and as long as you have 4 portals out you have so much room to position and be able to hit enemies from all different angles and vantage points. For me the portals allow some of the best kiting in the game, seeing as even if someone does catch up to you or corner you if you have a portal out on the field you can always use time breach to jump to it. Couple that with being able to push enemies and remove portals or stand on your own portals, you can really mess with it the enemies. The other main aspect of the eliotrope I focused on was the beserker characteristic. I think that elios are the best beserker class in the game because of their passive rage which gives them a crap ton of beserker damage and an ap and mp. This means that elios get even stronger as the battle goes on. Sure at first you may not do as much dmg but once you hit that sweet spot it more than makes up for it. If you have any questions feel free to reply here or message.

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Adding smth to the zerker mode, it is great yo keep ur hp under 50% for rage passive bonus, its s good idea yo out 10% hi into armor in ir stats to be safe even when starting the fight with less than 50% hp! Makes the fights much quicker

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As eliotrope main. Just spam wakhameha + Torrential flux.
That helps me alot ._.

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