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What gear should i take? Eliotrope Lvl 94.

By NeonSilverPT - MEMBER - December 13, 2017, 23:52:27

So I've been playing Eliotrope, and I'm enjoying it and I chose to be an air/water Eliotrope or even a tribid, I would like ur opinions about that.
And my biggest problem is the gear at the moment.

My gear:
Helmet: Korbothelm
Amulet: Korbotmulet
Breastplate: K-Plate
Boots: K-Boot                                                    Note: Im a Single Target Berserk Eliotrope
Cloak: K-Ape
Epaulettes: Korbotaulettes
Belt: Korbelt
Ring1: Satisfaction Ring
Ring2: K-Band

Please, I summon the Eliotrope god players!!!

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