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By Moonlightthorn - MEMBER - December 09, 2017, 05:23:15

How does the Sublimation work? im using it and thought it would give me either more range or more move.. but seems it does neither =/

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it means if you have 2 range, you can get 1 extra mp in exchange

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It's not so much in exchange its more if you have 2 range you get +1 mp as a reward

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Skills have a special icon that says if range is modifiable.

No eliotrope skills has this modifiable range tag. They didn't want to allow elio range to go up because it would mean skipping out on portal gameplay by making them unnecessary. But they didn't want the stat to be useless, so the passive will give you 1 MP if you have +2 range. You get nothing if you have only +1 range, and you can't get any more MP by having more than +2.
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