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Time to gear up

By Moonlightthorn - MEMBER - December 08, 2017, 23:09:42

I just hit level 50 and the pre 40 sets seems out of date for me even if they give me 2AP when i have 4 pieces of each. I tried the wiki but seems to be massivly outdated wich means that since i am new to the game, I have no clue where to go hunt for stuff.. 

I would like to know where to hunt gear for level 50-70 that gives AP, MP, and either Air, Distance or Single Target damage.. best would be all three xD

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Someone else here or on discord might be able to give you specific builds for eliotrope. I don't play one, so I can't help you much further, sorry!
Best of luck.
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Thanks that was alot of help though xD

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