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What pet to use for Long Distance?

By KentaiKatri - MEMBER - September 27, 2017, 03:08:28

Hi, this is my first week in Wakfu and I was wondering what pet I should use for a Long Distance Eliotrope. I haven't really decided between Berserk or Crit yet and I am only level 47. Any suggestions from the experienced players out there?

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Some suggestions which may depend on your available resources:

  • Chafer Legs - 60 HP, 3% Critical Hits & 20 Initiative
  • Clawbot $ - 30 HP, 30 elemental mastery & 15 elemental resistance
  • Croum * - 30 HP, 20 elemental resistance & 3% Critical Hits
  • Golden Young Wild Sow $$ - 30 HP, 60 Air/Water mastery, 20 Initiative
  • Tamed Abomination * - 60 HP, 1 Control, 40 Single Target mastery
  • Young Wild Sow, Krakotte, or Surimi - 100 master in Air, Earth or Water respectively.
  • Macawker / Phoenix / Tofu / other similar pets - 60 HP, 30 elemental mastery
  • Milimoowolf -  60 HP, 20 elemental resistance & 5% block

$ - Shop exclusive but not expensive on the market.
$$ - Shop exclusive that's highly valued on the market.
* -  Inexpensive but can be difficult to acquire. Croum requires a guild with the requisite feature. Tamed Abomination is only available during the Spring Has Sprung event.

Tamed Abomination is probably the most all-around useful for a distance build, but it can be hard to get your hands on one. Chafer Legs & the elemental pets are cheap, easy to get, and just all-around useful enough to be worth hunting for if you can't afford the rarer options.

Golden Young Wild Sow is also great if you can afford it. If you're considering premium pets like this there's options that might be even better depending on your build, however.
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Awesome! I already have a Clawbot from one of my other characters that I didn't end up liking. I could use that! I was curious about the berserker mastery pets since that seems to be the best build for Elios but I have no idea if they are good because I am very new. Thanks for your response friend!

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