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Choose spells for a elio tribid high levels

By morezanto - MEMBER - September 26, 2017, 06:02:07

Hi, i'm building a eliotrope tribid for high levels, I need your help to choor spells on my main deck.

I want this spells on my deck:

Air: 1 Unleashed Blade, 2 Tempest
Water: 3 Pulsation, 4 Flood, 5 Whirlwind
Earth: 6 Deafening Target, 7 Hiding
Support: 8 Portal, 9 Exaltation, 10 Time Breach, 11 Prevention

So, I need a 12th spell, I need choose beetwen Incandescence, Ethereal Burst or Wakmeha. What do you choose for higth lvls and why? (ohh, I have a pandawa in my team)


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in my opinion,take ethereal burst over unleashed blade,incandescence over deafening target and wakmeha as 12th spell,as the three spells are really important for elio,whilethe blade and deafeniing are much too situational

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Absolutely correct.

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