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Eliotrope characteristics

By poiuyt1234 - MEMBER - July 22, 2017, 23:32:47

Hey guys,

I'm busy with creating an eliotrope but i actually have no idea in what characteristics i should spend my points in. I hope any of you could help me with that. I'm aiming for a water/air eliotrope right now.

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Intelligence: 10 in resistance > 40 in %HP
Strength: 20 in distance mastery > 30 in elemental mastery
Agility: 50 in dodge or 20 in AP/MP resistance > 30 dodge
Chance: 20 in %critical hits > 30 in critical hit mastery
Major: AP > MP > %Damage Inflicted > Elemental Resistance

For the major you can swap in Control or Range instead any of the last two. At least until you're able to get 3 control and 2 range from your items without the need of the major.

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And for strength, 20 ST > 30 elemental works wonders too. The kit and playstyle changes a little, but it's as effective as a distance build !
Also, having more initiative than your Iop buddy is pretty nice, he likes to have a portal into melee on his first turn => You can consider investing in initiative, or at least selecting equips accordingly.

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That's true. Thank you guys for the fast reply! 

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tbh idk why you would focus crit mastery on elio, i mean having crit chance is fine but i believe elios do way better with bezerk mastery. they have a passive for it and they dont have any crit boosting abilities/passives. so you wont really ever get that high of a crit chance compared to like cras and such. that's just me tho. 

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Transitory passive actually does give crit chance, just not a lot. Transition state gives up to 12% crit chance iirc.

But I still believe Zerk is better myself. But, crit is still viable, even if it's not my build of choice.

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What about Block on INT and ini on AGI

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Well, if you are talking about "barrier" in INT, then i don't really suggest you to invest in those two: barrier is for tank classes or, in general, classes whom are going to get hit a lot. So, unless you want a close combat elio, it's not that useful. About initiative, you can easily get it from armours and such, so there's no need to keep a high initiative at high levels... maybe just level 40-? But yet again, there's a passive that gives you initiative, so characteristic points are better spent in some other ways, like willpower biggrin

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