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About CC Elio...

By ivanmf - MEMBER - March 22, 2017, 19:38:57

Hey guys,

First of all i´ve never been to wakfu´s late/end-game content. I was playing my sram and felt two major problems,  sometimes i can´t get access to the monster´s back causing me to lose a huge amount of damage due to my rear mastery and as sram i feel like i don´t have any group utility. So I created a eliotrope because even if I can´t get access to melee or back most of my skills are ranged and i belive elio´s portals can be used for team position as well. My doubts are, does CC Elio works at end-game PVE content? like moon DGs/UBs or should i go straight to a distance build?

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Distance/berserk or single target build would be more...advisable for moon.

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