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This is how I would change eliotropes to make them a more used class

By FeedFeca - MEMBER - March 23, 2016, 16:01:18
A summary for those who don't want to read my wall of text: changes portal spell so it can be cast through portals and completely changes exhalted/calm as well as few other things to make using portals more convenient and fun.

Most classes have a main unique thing or two that is usually an active and they use every fight, but usually doesn't directly do damage. Rogue has fusillade and pulsar (possibly firewall as well). Sram has traps and invisibility, Masqueraider has double, feca has invulnerability, etc.

The problem with elio is that portal is weak. It can take up a third of your turn or more to position those portals to get your damage off, and enemies usually don't stay near your portals for more than one round.

Here is an idea I had to balance it out and make portals more convenient. It may sound like portals might be OP but I mean pulsar and double are pretty OP too. (Or would be if other classes didn't have abilities of similar power.

#1 Portal is a modifiable range, no-los, 2 or 3 (depending on something ill explain later) base range spell that costs only 1 wakfu. It is now the eliotropes ONLY way to use wakfu and the need for portal charges are eliminated. There can be up to 6 portals on the map (this isn't affected by control so if you are level 1 or level 200 you always can have exactly 6 portals) and they can be removed for free, although you don't get your wakfu back.
Last and very much not least, portal can now be cast through portals.

#2 Eliotropes wakfu regeneration stays the same except it needs 2 hits instead of 1 (Only when non-exhalted)

#3 The passives can mostly stay the same, except celestial gift should be the first class-specific passive they unlock and it gives a flat +20% final damage (evolves to +30% at 110) when they cast a spell through a portal

#4 Damage to a foe is calculated by the portals position, so if a portal is behind a foe you get backstab damage.

#5 The penalty for traveling more than 6 squares through a portal changes to -50% damage dealt (I know they are getting rid of this but it makes the buff much more severe than -30% final damage) and -50% of all your resist resist (so if you had 400% fire resist and went 20 squares through a portal now you have 200% fire resist. This means that eliotropes are the ONLY class that can teleport more than 6 squares BUT they get massive penalties for doing so.

#6 Exhaltation is a 1 ap spell which switches between calm/exhalted and you can remove that ap with the passive as before, but calm and exhalted are much different.

When calm, you can
1:regenerate wakfu in calm as I said before
2:gain 50 resist
3: the resist (but not damage) penalty when traveling through portals does not affect you
4: gain +1 range to the portal spell as mentioned above.

When exhalted, you
1: gain 20% final damage when hitting a foe through a portal
2: lose 50 resist
3: the damage (but not resist) penalty when traveling through portals does not affect you

So, on an eliotropes first turn they can place up to 6 portals around the map, but they may want to save wakfu for future turns. Those portals can now be anywhere around the map because the portal spell can be cast through portals. They would be exhalted to be weaker but do much more damage and calm to regenerate wakfu and be able to withstand more damage and flee through portals but still keep resist.

In my opinion this could balance the class out about and make it more fun to play, but keep the balance of not too much calm and not too much exhalted. It would also give enough final damage through passives to compete with other DPS classes.

Please post suggestions or changes to this but not something like "this is dumb" as that doesn't help the discussion.
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I think this whole suggestion is pretty reasonable and intelligent, a.k.a. something Ankama will never actually do. Portals in Dofus can be cast through portals, but they want Wakfu to be "different" (read: less intuitive). But I also really like the idea of calm/exalted polarizing which long teleportation debuff you receive. I think that given a chance, these ideas could be refined into a class-enhancing revamp.

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Interesting concept, the one thing I hear people crying about already is that 6 portals gives elio "too much movement/range". As it stands, 4 portals pretty much can setup a team in any endgame dungeon. having a total of 6 portals would mitigate some of the issues with portal charges though.

Nonetheless, I would welcome any of these ideas after some slight tweaks. Nice work


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