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Need help With my Stats Eliatrope

By vertiel123 December 14, 2014, 01:05:11

So i want to be an Air/Earth hybrid Eliatrope but I'm not sure what to put in the agility and major tab Any suggestions?
i'm going for resist,regen,hp% in Intelligence
Damage and resist in Strength
critical hits and Beserk damage in Chance


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Intelligence: Resist/Heals Received/%HP or Resist/Lifesteal/%HP or Resist/%HP

Strength: Damages and Resists

Agility: Initiative dump or Dodge dump

Chance: Critical Hits/Evenly split between Critical DMG and Berserk DMG or Critical Hits/Critical DMG

Major: AP/MP/Final DMG or AP/MP/Ctrl if you want more portals but I find myself needing only three most of the time.

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Intelligence: Resists and % HP
Reasoning: Berserk mode is important - you don't want to lose a buff because you got randomly healed above that threshold.

Strength: Damage (10/10/10/10)

Agility: Lock Dump
Reasoning: Wakfu Trail + Cataclysm get more powerful the longer the enemy stays close to you. Earth is really CC focused and the specialties can allow an enemy to lose 120% res if they remain close to you for two turns. Lock em up!

Chance: 10 Crit Hits / 20 blocks / 9 Berserk
Reasoning: Here is a "choose your focus" kind of deal. Depending on your focus of the build - this can be drastically different. Note Elio's has a lot of secondary damage unaffected by crits. Wakfu Trail, 2nd Cataclysm, Incandescent. These are delayed damage spells that require you to be CC. Survivability is important to a CC character. 20 blocks will keep damage at bay. Berserk is more reliable for a berserker than CH damage (I don't the CH damage effects wake trail, cataclysm, or incandescent), 10 CH is just to have some extra damage just in case.

Major: 1 mp / 1 ap / 10% Final Res / 10% Final Dam
Reasoning: MP is more important than AP early on for Elios. Ethereal Burst + Torrential Flux work a lot better when you can actually move into position AND use them. Ap is next (for obvious reasons). I say final res simply to keep up with the survivability aspect - though depending on what your goal is you can swap with final dam.

Overall - this is a Lock-Survivor concept for Elio. Deals with CC damage, locking the enemy to induce secondary effects, and staying alive. It may not deal as much initial damage as other builds - but the survivability should help you out quite a bit to net overall damage.

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Ive found ap to be way more important than mp with Time Breach available. Adding even amounts of of crit hits and crit damage in your build, makes you have to search hard for extra crit hits with gear, so i've added considerably more points to hits. As a side note Vampyros belt has been nice with the wp it adds. So far 103 and loving it i combine tempest, with krosmo and virulents aoe attacks and its have a nice day.

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