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Eliotrope Bunch of problem

By December 13, 2014, 00:16:57
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That's the problem i'm not understanding what you are trying to say. It's not about common sense when your words seem like there isn't a problem at all

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Well it sounds like he wants incandescent to bypass their shields - but it is hitting shield instead and he calling that a problem/bug. (thats what I got from it)

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I'm rather insulted by this gentleman, if you can even call him a gentleman, you clearly are devoid of the level of intelligence needed to play Eliotrope, might i suggest you use a different class with less complicated mechanics suited to your level of understanding? Like Iop perhaps?

Eliotropes might have a few bugs, YES, but as a whole they work just fine, the spells work the way they are suppose to, for the moment, the only problem i foresee with Eliotropes is they have too many mechanics going in different directions and not enough co-operation/synergy between their passives/active support spells.
You have not stated, your build you are using with your eliatrope, which support, active spells your using, how you are using them and most importantly when (in what order) you are using them, there could be any number of reasons why you're not getting your desired result, so until we have all the information how are we as a community suppose to help and assist you? get your head out of your butt, stop calling us all stupid and look to your own stupidity, please state ALL the facts, because the most likely cause of the problem is you don't know how to use the class properly and you've built it in such a manner that it isn't working to the optimal capacity like it should.

You attack us telling us to use our common sense, you sir are the Perfect Dodger of Common Sense, think about what you are going to say before you post it up, you will more then likely going to upset people to the point where no one will want to assist you in your problem.

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PerfectDodge|2014-12-13 18:07:41
Imhotek|2014-12-13 17:56:42
Its not hemo. Its not supposed to be hemo. And in the long run, I prefer this.

As for buggy, does the fogger not take 30% dmg as his blockades take 70%?
What hemo you talking about? are you nerd or something?

Well it's proven and tested fogger might take some damage but very low depends on hp of his blockade. But when the pummel x2 no dmg taken fogger wont receive any damage and blockade will receive all damage from incandescence.

I got news for you, my....challenged friend, but after testing it, its pretty clear Incandescence works exactly the way it says it does. I'm not sure how good your English is, but I encourage you to read the descriptions and recognize that Incan is not intended to function as start of turn dmg like Hemorrhage.

It may seem like it, but outside of 1v1 pvp, its clearly damage that procs at the end of your turn, and that dmg will not bypass shields. Only dmg at the start of turns and collision dmg do that.
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