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1.69 Rogue bugs (September 24 testing in progress)

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - August 20, 2020, 00:20:41
Bugs prior to August 27 have either been fixed or are assumed to be intentional features. 

Scope doesn't work. Melee mastery is lost, but no distance mastery is gained. Fixed as of September 24.

Carbine (the replacement for Claw), when cast while multiple of your bombs are near the initial spell target, may absorb the rebound attacks with higher priority than enemies. If a bomb is the initial target and at least two other bombs are adjacent to the initial target bomb, the same may occur. The rebounds may be all absorbed by your bombs, causing Carbine to deal no damage to any enemies and no visible reason for why this occurs. Still in effect as of September 24.

The above issue is based on the order of target rebounds are applied to. If I were to fix this problem, I would change how the rebound decides which target to select by separating whether Carbine rebounds onto your bomb or an enemy within range: Carbine would first search for enemies within the rebound range, ignoring your bombs. If no enemies are available after this search for enemies, the rebound would search for your bombs within the area.

Carbine is incorrectly labeled as a single target spell when it uses area mastery, not single mastery, as well as being an area spell functionally. Fixed as of September 24.

If the passive spells Ka-Boom and Fugitive are used together, during the second turn of a bomb being play the bomb won't gain Combo (from the initial 4 granted by Fugitive to gaining 8 from natural rate + Ka-Boom). However, during the third turn of a bomb being in play, the 8 Combo from the second turn and the 8 Combo from the third turn both apply, causing the bomb to cook from 4 Combo to 20 Combo. Fixed as of September 24.

If Dynamite is triggered by destroying your own bomb with damage during your turn, the damage rate is different than if someone else destroys your bomb with damage--destroying your own bomb has slightly higher damage. Detonating a bomb with 10 Combo without using Dynamite also inflicts a slightly different amount of damage from either scenario involving Dynamite. I don't know what would cause these values to vary, as in all three scenarios the only difference is how the 10 levels of Combo are applied: shoot your own bomb to trigger Dynamite, have someone else hit your bomb to trigger Dynamite, or waiting for the bomb to cook to 10 Combo and detonating with Detonation. 

New bugs as of September 24

Wakfu Connection is supposed to apply +5% damage inflicted during your next turn after each Connection effect activated during your current turn. This doesn't appear on the in-game spell effects, but the effect does apply during combat.

Testing for the September 24 changes is currently in progress.
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