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Solidity does not work?

By hemyani - MEMBER - June 19, 2020, 16:05:24

Can someone verify if the sublimation "Solidity" works? It should reduce damage received by 400% if it's greater than 20% of max hp... I have had many instances where I do receive damage greater than 20% of my max hp but the damage dealt seems unaffected. Anyone noticed this too?

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You missunderstood Soldity it seems. if you receive damage bigger than 20% of your maxHP, it get reduced by 400% of your level (800 on level 200, 400 on level 100,...) as a fixed damage reduction. So if you would take for example 5000 damage on level 200 which is more than 20% of your maxHP, you only receive 4200 damage. It has nothing to do with damage dealt/inflicted.

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oh I see, still an okay amount of reduction. Thanks

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