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[Quest Bug] The Lost Flame Hunt! (Leek Pie/Macawker's Flame)

By baby-XD - MEMBER - January 10, 2020, 04:41:10

The quest states the following:

Upon research, asking players and googling, many have said it requires 3x Star Eviroment in Calamar, as well as night time for this following unit to spawn: (few years old photo)

However, there's been like 6 of us who's been around Calamar for 1 week and this unit never ever spawned.

Today, we've made sure that the Enviroment is 3x Stars for hours ( which is hard to do because Exotics are mass spawning and usually are 400+.. you'd need a level 200 to 1 shot them constantly to drop it down and sometimes its impossible.)

- We've made sure it's 3 stars for over 2-3 hours, and we've searched through the whole map day and night in-game time, even used shovels and looked everywhere and this unit is not spawning.

Is this a bug? surely it can't be this near-impossible to do for a quest on such level? did anything change?

We could not find any information other than old posts saying:
1) Make sure Enviroment is 3x Stars - We did.
2) Make sure it's night time - We searched day and night.
3) They said it's bugged and glitched - Is it?

If anyone got something on this please reply and let us know, thanks!
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As far as i know, the Flame only appears when servers go down for maintenance (yeah, really), and they don't respawn either. Also, the drop aren't 100%, so... good luck. It's certainly bugged, for years now.

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I see sad I felt like it's bugged because it seems near impossible to do with all of what I mentioned above.. specially for a level 55 quest with minimal reward attached to it.

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Exotics mass spawning is on absurd levels, after killing some of them their numbers often even increase rather than decrease. It should be decreased by about half or the number of them wanted by clan member should be increased to perhaps 200-300.

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