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[Quest Bug] The Lost Flame Hunt! (Leek Pie/Macawker's Flame)

By baby-XD - MEMBER - January 10, 2020, 04:41:10

The quest states the following:

Upon research, asking players and googling, many have said it requires 3x Star Eviroment in Calamar, as well as night time for this following unit to spawn: (few years old photo)

However, there's been like 6 of us who's been around Calamar for 1 week and this unit never ever spawned.

Today, we've made sure that the Enviroment is 3x Stars for hours ( which is hard to do because Exotics are mass spawning and usually are 400+.. you'd need a level 200 to 1 shot them constantly to drop it down and sometimes its impossible.)

- We've made sure it's 3 stars for over 2-3 hours, and we've searched through the whole map day and night in-game time, even used shovels and looked everywhere and this unit is not spawning.

Is this a bug? surely it can't be this near-impossible to do for a quest on such level? did anything change?

We could not find any information other than old posts saying:
1) Make sure Enviroment is 3x Stars - We did.
2) Make sure it's night time - We searched day and night.
3) They said it's bugged and glitched - Is it?

If anyone got something on this please reply and let us know, thanks!
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As far as i know, the Flame only appears when servers go down for maintenance (yeah, really), and they don't respawn either. Also, the drop aren't 100%, so... good luck. It's certainly bugged, for years now.

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I see sad I felt like it's bugged because it seems near impossible to do with all of what I mentioned above.. specially for a level 55 quest with minimal reward attached to it.

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