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Yeah sublimation not working

By Mael28 - MEMBER - September 28, 2019, 01:52:27

Hi everyone, so literally got scammed today.

it's really simple, Yeah sublimation says "When using a WP spell". SOOOO if i'm not dumb when you use/consume a WP point you get +2 ap on an even turn riiight?? Everything is ok right?
BUT, when my elio exlated and using wakmeha for example I never get +2 ap on even turns. why?

My spell (when exalted) consumes 1 WP but I never get +2 AP on even turns.
Just to be sure, Consume and Use is the same meaning so why when using WP I don't get +2ap when the sub says use WP to get +2 ap?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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exalated doesnt consume wp ... it just give u a -wp  just like rogue air bombs  they dont make u consume wp they just remove wp ...  for example using a spell with wp consumption in it  in the undie world dungeon give a penalty tho it doesnt work with exa . try using time breach it will give u the ap then

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if you read the exalted spell from elios it says consume WP. 
Time breach does give ap though.

I get what you mean but they shouldn't say in exalted spell "consume wp" then.

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