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Brakmar Ecosystem Hero Quest (This is getting ridiculous)

By KailoReaper - MEMBER - February 21, 2019, 21:43:38

Again yesterday,  late in the evening after the hordes quest going very well I was thwarted by the Chaffer hordes in Sidimote moors.  I made special care to win every tear fight challenge however  despite my best efforts me and an associate helping me finish the horde were only credited for 9/10 of the 10 hordes we 100% did kill (I killed 4 and my associate killed 6)  At this point I wonder if ankama has intentionally made the achievements impossible.  And I am aware that is an accusation that's somewhat unfounded but the mind goes to weird places when you have attempted something approximately 9 times and the only reason it fails is because the game failed to credit you for the work you absolutely did.

I am personally 2 achieves away from acquiring the Brakmarian Ring and I am really trying to be helpful.  However I am now hearing reports from players who are further ahead than myself actually losing progress on the achievements.  Obviously I am very concerned that now my progress will be lost.  I almost feel like putting off my personal quest to get the sword of my nation and proudly wear it.  But this is a video game and they're supposed to be fun, no?  Again I am only trying to be helpful and shed light on possible bugs,  but the discontent from myself and other players perhaps should create a sense of urgency.  I am aware of at least 20 individuals seeking to acquire at least one of the nations rings for use of a nation sword.  Please fix these issues.  That is all.

*edit* After 14 attempts I have finally managed to complete the chaffer mobs.  Idk if this has anything to do with ankama helping,  if it does it;s appreciated.  If it doesn't than it bothers me how inconsistent that the eco is.

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hello i'm in the same situation (remington)
do you ever think that someone will help us?

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