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Brakmar Ecosystem Hero Quest Issues (again)

By TheReaper-Jet - MEMBER - February 18, 2019, 03:06:52

The fact that this is the second post I'm making within a week regarding the same topic is incredibly frustrating.  The environmental quest "Collaborative: Hordes of Chafers" is bugged beyond belief.  I had attempted this enviro once I heard that Hords had become possible to complete,  and wouldn't you know it I was unable to complete the Chafer Hordes.  A fellow player and myself collectively killed 10 hordes.  (I killed 8,  he killed 2) and yet for some reason the Enviro counter only showed us killing 9/10 mobs.  I thought perhaps it was a miscount on my part however we spent the next 10 minutes searching fruitlessly for the last horde.  And yet there was not another to be found. 

I then just today saw the environmental quest pop up again and gave it a shot on my own.  I managed to kill all 10 mobs on my own with 13 mins to spare,  and I was meticulous about counting every... single... victory.  Yet during my 8th fight I noticed that there was a tear quest that requires the tear to fuse with the monster,  obviously I ignored this because I am practically only playing this game to get the Brakmarian Sword and use it.  I finished the fight and the  counter didn't go to 8/10 it stayed at 7/10.  Ofc again I made sure to kill the next two I found and scrambled around to see if a 3rd would spawn... ofc my hopes were only met with disappointment,  as per your trademark

At the current moment I am livid.  This is such a frustrating situation as it's a bug,  yes.  However I have killed every single horde mob at least 40 times each in pursuit of the Brakmarian ring.  The grind which was already annoying has now become increasingly frustrating.  I am trying very hard to not just blurt out in anger but be helpful to the bug-fixing process,  but your lack of response and publishing half-baked content is nothing but a drastic disappointment.  If I am the only one having these issues,  so be it,  perhaps I'm just doing something wrong.  I want that ring and I have worked for it almost 3 times over at this point.  Fix this now.

A solution to this problem would just to have a single horde be completed similarly to the arch mob enviro.  Which ironically was the easiest out of all of them...

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