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Wakfu scrolls / Machine items Missing

By Noakin - MEMBER - September 16, 2018, 07:09:46

The Scrolls of wisdom items are not appearing in the machine. The "Beta Machine - PVP" has nothing in it, but options to purchase the blank space, upon clicking you recieve nothing however.

The PVP machine is blank like this all the way through as well.[left]It makes it very hard to actually test builds and concepts with new gear if you can't level and stat characters to that level.

 To quickly clarify before the "Service team" jumps to conclusions like your customer service THIS IS A WORLD PROBLEM, this isn't just me, this is happening to everyone, please don't ask me to reinstall the service. 
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Currently having same issue can't see wisdom of scrolls and pvp machine they appear blank and when you try to buy nothing happens really annoying cause we cant play like this.

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