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Cannot use any spells

By FREESSO - MEMBER - July 31, 2018, 17:41:28

I’m currently playing with an Osamodas character class, and I’ve encountered the following problem: The summoned creature ‘Dreggon Warrior’, when possessing a certain number of action points, cannot use its spells all of a sudden. If it’s got 5 or 4 AP, it can no longer use any spells that require 4 AP. The same goes for spells that require 3 and 2 AP (when having, respectively, 4 and 3 AP, and 3 and 2 AP). I’ve encountered this bug for weeks and hope that it will be fixed soon. Sadly, I do not know the exact time at which I’ve first started encountering this bug, nor if any other creatures are affected by it.

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It is not a bug I think, since I  use dreggon warrior for a long time and it still have that kind of problem, and it is not only the dreggon warrior.

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