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Badgeroxxor Bug

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - June 16, 2018, 20:23:08
There's no way to truly "trigger" this bug
Sometimes the Roxxor will be facing one way on someones screen, and facing the other way on another persons screen
For normal mobs this isnt a huge issue
For Roxxor it means instant death from something you cannot of helped
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This bug is on live too. 
(It might happen when the client has one of its many mini-stutters, that the turning is not properly registered.)

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This is has existed for a looooong time.. always confirm with teamates which direction he is facing.

It's worse on high stasis, because if you stabalise roxx - normally he attempts to jumps for backstab on an ally and ends facing away for character he jumped at - on high stasis he will turn back, face ally attempted jump at and then end turn (not always). Just anot her visual bug that has creeper into the game.

This + character location bug really need to be addressed, with the update on Tuesday if any other visual bugs creep in... -.-"


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This bug needs to be addressed. We have had similar problems in our runs and we constantly have to be asking which side the Roxxar is facing.
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