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Quest/Hero System Bug - Elementary, My Dear Lebbocq - Impossible to Finish Quest.

By HealingHand - MEMBER - April 16, 2018, 07:14:10
UPDATE: Found this bug posted here already:

This post also has a solution for how to fix the bug (if the bugged character leaves the Brakmarian Archaelogist's Dig-site, the "Headpiece Fragments" will appear in that character's inventory.)

Character Name: Zenobia (& Duilya)
Ankama Display Name: HealingHand
Date: April 15, 2018
Time: 9:30pm(-ish) (Pacific Standard Time)
Map: Brakmarian Archaelogist's Dig-site - Wild Estate.

Bug Description:
I was playing the Quest "Elementary, My Dear Lebbocq" on my Feca (named: Mazenda) and had two of my other characters join via the Hero System (named Zenobia & Duilya).

My Feca was able to complete the quest without any errors.
However, my other two characters were only credited with completing 3 of the 5 objectives.

The two objectives both characters are missing are:
Objective 2) Find the Headpiece of Arrrghhh
Objective 3) Create the Staff of Arrrghhh

To find the Headpiece, you need to attack Skeletal Goballs, and they drop "Headpiece Fragments."
Problem is, because these two characters already have objectives 4, and 5 complete (from when they joined Mazenda) the Skeletal Goballs are no long dropping  "Headpiece Fragments."

And because "Headpiece Fragments" are no longer being dropped, it is impossible for Zenobia & Duilya to complete the quest.

Steps to Reproduce Bug:
  • Play the Quest: Elementary, My Dear Lebbocq using the Hero System. Equip 2 characters (3 characters total). Make sure none of the characters have already completed the quest.
  • Play through the entire quest as one character (do NOT switch to the other characters by pressing U/Y).
  • Character 1 will be able to complete the quest with no errors.
  • Characters 2 and 3 (who joined via the hero system) will only only have objectives 1, 4, and 5 completed.
  • Characters 2 and 3 will be unable to complete objectives 2 and 3, because Skeletal Goballs will no longer drop "Headpiece Fragments" for them (I assume they no longer drop because both characters have been credited for completing objectives 4 and 5 already, but that's just a guess).
  • It is now impossible for Characters 2 and 3 to complete the quest.

Is there any way I can get this quest reset (or auto-completed) on my Duilya and Zenobia characters? I'll go nuts if they're forever stuck with this half-completed quest. o_o 
(Please ignore the above request. I found a solution.)

Thank you for your time.
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