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First Steps - Distribute the Skill Point

By YellowElectricWarrior - MEMBER (+) - February 15, 2017, 13:51:31
Character name: Milassé
Ankama display name: YellowElectricWarrior

Date and time: February 15 2017 - 6:55 am CST
Map: Pre-Incarnam

Bug description: Stuck at skill point distribution stage of First Steps quest because character interface won't open.
Reproducibility: Eniripsa female tutorial with 200 wind propagated on front of stasified gobball and then level up on the LoS objective, unable to progress until impossible action completed. Most likely will be fixed when I log back in.
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Score : 73

Additional comment on the wind propagated, for some reason it still doesn't have any damage on the gobball's side, however getting the eniripsa to line up with the back of the gobball is impossible at this stage, so I was unable to test if lvl 200 propagation had any effect on the back of the stasified gobball.

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Score : 73

I would suggest fiddling with the spells' ranges, for instance, air having a wider area of effect, and castable within sight. Eniripsa isn't a Xelor, amirite?

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Score : 333

me and a friend have also gotten this. I was a level 1 pandawa (Toretizer on Remington) and she was a rogue (Ysolte on Nox). I dont think it has anything to do with skills. It just a bug with the UI option for characteristics not being there when it is asked to level up.

We both logged out and then back in, then it progressed us.

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Score : -12

Yo Here I Gotcha You just have to Log in and log off twice when you get to that part

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Yeah, that works for me. Exactly two times... What on earth...

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Thanks,  I needed this!

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