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Unable to distribute first skill point

By TehFreek October 03, 2016, 13:31:36

Made a new female foggernaut, went through the tutorial, got to the level up and was unable to distribute the skill point as required. Button didn't show up in the interface and pressing "P" did nothing. Relogging showed the button and allowed P to work.

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Same here with a new eniripsa wtf lmfao

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Same here, what annoying bug! I did never played this game and waste a significant amount of time to convince myself that the problem wasn't me.

After reboot two times the tutorial goes on.

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Same here! I created a Sadida and couldn't even see the option to do so, let alone access my inventory ://

You have to relaunch the game launcher, if that doesn't work, try creating a new character, relaunch, and then continue with the previous character made. 

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Exact same complaint. Funny this bug was originally posted in October 2016, and here it is April of 2018....

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Same issue happened to me D:

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