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Side kicks

By Christian-CAO - MEMBER - July 14, 2016, 05:57:00

Seriously, how long have sidekicks been bugged?

How has this not been fixed yet? It should have been number one on your hit list since you all just looooove making good "first impressions" by revamping the stupid tutorial.

Can't even group astrub knight after you remove him from the group once, it's irritating.

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dont you miss the old days frey?

i'am sad to say the game got even worse
erasing my frogs, and tons of other enemies, loot, dungeons from the game

it brought me peace, those toads.

but i recently found even more stuff that made me mad.
they changed the bandit and hoodlum dungeons from 60+ to 156

thus cutting me off from more stuff i used to love.
the unique nation designs gone, replaced with a cube.
and yeah, it looks really really lazy.

too bad you dont have a ps4 man. me and prelaw were on the other day
i was so disappointed with the game. i liked the stasis thing they added
but that just doesn't tide over all the new problems 


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improvise,adapt and overcome

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